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Robot puns 🤖 in 2023

What did one robot say to the other after they got arrested by the police?
– “At least we got charged.”

I got a new wireless robot in the post the other day. Our friendship has no strings attached.

The robot ended up bankrupt when he used up all his cache.

A robot’s favorite game at the arcade is the Sparkanoid.

Everyone was really pushing his buttons, which is why this robot was getting angry.

I found an android in the North Pole. I didn’t know there were snowbots there.

What’s a robot’s favourite exercise?
– Circuit training.

The Middle East came out with a sequel to ‘I Robot’. It is called ‘I Ran.’

A robot that makes scarves and blankets is called an extermin-knitter.

Mommy robot was so proud when baby robot learnt it’s first word. Da-ta.

I bought an egg timer in the shape of a dalek. After four minutes, it says, “eggs terminate!”

Why was the robot bankrupt?
– He had used all his cache.

The first robot concert I went to was also the first time I heard them play a cyborgan.

Two robots went for a drive. Being badly programmed drove them into the restaurant.

If you cross one robot with one tractor, you end up with a metal trans-farmer.

R2D2 was struggling to open a PDF file on his computer. It was much easier when he installed Adobe Wan Kenobi.

Robots love the music by Android Lloyd Webber
– because it is music with a side of theatre.

When the robot mechanic got sad, he just made himself new friends.

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