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Robot puns 🤖 in 2021

I got a new wireless robot in the post the other day. Our friendship has no strings attached.

The robot ended up bankrupt when he used up all his cache.

A robot’s favorite game at the arcade is the Sparkanoid.

Everyone was really pushing his buttons, which is why this robot was getting angry.

What did one robot say to the other after they got arrested by the police?
– “At least we got charged.”

I found an android in the North Pole. I didn’t know there were snowbots there.

What’s a robot’s favourite exercise?
– Circuit training.

The Middle East came out with a sequel to ‘I Robot’. It is called ‘I Ran.’

A robot that makes scarves and blankets is called an extermin-knitter.

Mommy robot was so proud when baby robot learnt it’s first word. Da-ta.

I bought an egg timer in the shape of a dalek. After four minutes, it says, “eggs terminate!”

Why was the robot bankrupt?
– He had used all his cache.

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