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Robot puns 🤖 in 2023

What did one robot say to the other after they got arrested by the police?
– “At least we got charged.”

The robot decided to call into the shoe shop. He needed to be rebooted.

There’s a certain type of robot that is amazing at watersports. Rowbots.

The robot had to turn into a roadbot in order to get to school.

As much as the music loving robot tried, he could never finish his instrument collection. He could never get any organs.

I heard germany is going to make robot driven cars illegal in their highways
– It’s going to be called auto-ban

If you take a robot to the arcade, you’ll have to go back to the Sparkanoid machine again and again.

What do robots wear in winter?
– Ro-boots.

The cop had to charge the robot with battery for the third time this week. All
– because he was low on power.

The love between the robot and the magnet was magnetic attraction.

What did the robot do after being caught sleeping with the neighbor’s wife?
– Nut and Bolt

I went to a robot concert the other day. It’s the first time I’ve heard someone play a cyborgan.

I bought a dalek egg timer recently. After three minutes, it shouts “Eggs Terminate!”

Robot birth is always painful due to all of the contraptions they have.

A robot that always runs into the wall is called what? Wall-E

If you like your music with a side of theatre, I’d recommend you check out the music of Android Lloyd Webber.

The robot mechanic was never going to be lonely. If he felt sad, he could just make himself some new friends.

Wireleand is a robot’s favorite vacation spot.

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