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Robot puns 🤖 in 2022

I went to a robot book club. They were reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Wire.

Why do robots have summer holidays?
– To recharge their batteries.

A mandatory book robots need to read at school is called “All about Robots,” by CyBorg.

Robots drink from metal ro-bottles.

The robot needed to drive his car to get to school, so he turned into a roadbot.

I met a robot pirate the other day. He greeted me with an, “arrr2D2.”

At the robot funeral, the robots sobbed “Rust in peace, brother.”

At a party I hosted, I served guacamole. The robots brought their own microchips.

The robot got in trouble
– because he is a resistor.

The policeman was mad when he caught the low powered robot for the third time that week. He had to charge him with battery.

The robot decided to go back to school. He felt like he was getting a little bit rusty.

My new friendship has no strings attached, all
– because I got a wireless robot.

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