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Alien puns in 2024

The rotation of the Earth really makes my day.

The moon dropped his fork and stopped feasting
– because it was already full.

Those aliens that abduct cows must be gamblers.
They’re always raising the steaks.

How do you put baby alien to sleep ?
– You rocket !

Why haven’t aliens visited our solar system yet ?
– The looked at the reviews…..only 1 star

A lot of people think that crop circles are caused by alien aircrafts.
But, I think they are done by cereal killers.

An alien came down to Earth the other day, stepped out of his spaceship and said, “G’day cobber! Let’s start a barby and throw some shrimp on! Strewth!”…..
….he was an Austr-alien

An astronaut feels claustrophobic when he is out of breathing space.

An alien who parties can be heard saying, “I am having a blast!”

Not everyone can pull off wearing a spacesuit,
– but you’re going to rocket.

Stars go to school to get brighter.

The alien social media is called Spacebook.

Aliens place their spaceships in front of the parking meteor.

What’s it called when you have too many aliens?
– Extraterrestrials.

I was recently hired by aliens.
I am in my probe-ationary period.

You know why aliens haven’t visited us yet?
– They checked our reviews. One star.

The Orion’s Belt is such a huge waist of space.

You can find the most space felines in the catmosphere.

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