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Alien puns 👽🛸 in 2022

Where do aliens and alphabets go party
In the space Bar

The lights on a lunar Rover are called moonbeams.

When everyone decided to raid Area 51, the aliens said “Comet me, bro!”

The scientists’ new paper about new alien life forms eventually didn’t get published. They said it was too far out.

Neptune broke up with Uranus because they wanted a Plutonic relationship.

Why haven’t aliens visited our solar system?
– They looked at our reviews: only 1 star

When an alien finally meets his friend from the Earth, he says, “Jupiter recognize me, or else!”

What do you call a shopping alien?
– A Wal-Martian. (My daughter made that one up.)

How do aliens spell words?
– They use the ALFabet

Where do aliens go for a drink?
– Space bar

When an alien dies, the newspapers generally publish their orbituary.

The restaurant on the moon failed because it had no atmosphere.

A lot of people think that crop circles are done by alien aircrafts.
– But I think they are done by cereal killers.

When frustrated aliens get too mad at the talkative ones, they ask them to shuttle up

What do you call a large group of aliens?
– b-liens.

What type of currency do aliens use in outer space?
– Starbucks

When any planet is sad, they should speak out and get it out of their solar system.

Aliens harvest their crop with tractor beams.

The rotation of the Earth really makes my day.

The moon dropped his fork and stopped feasting
– because it was already full.

The interstellar currency that aliens use should be called Starbucks.

What do you call someone who discriminates against aliens?
– A space-ist!

A non-vegetarian astronaut is a meteor.

All aliens with road rage shout,”get outer of my space!”

Astronauts are the only people on Earth who get to keep their jobs after they get fired.

When Jupiter became friends with Saturn, he asked him to give him a ring sometime.

Those aliens that abduct cows must be gamblers.
They’re always raising the steaks.

When the alien writer first stepped on Earth, it said “Take me to your reader.”

How do you put baby alien to sleep ?
– You rocket !

We may as well have aliens attacking this year. WHO knows?
– Trump joke.

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