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Alien puns 👽🛸 in 2022

When the NASA scientist felt betrayed, he said “You d-asteroid my trust.”

When aliens appreciate their best friends, they tell them, “You rock my world!”

Why haven’t aliens visited our Solar System yet?
– They looked at the reviews… only 1 star

Asked an Alien why they never visits us.
”bad reviews, only one star”they said.

The alien got fired from his current job because he was spacing out at work.

When you cross an alien with something sweet, cute, and fluffy, you get a martian-mellow.

A scientist working for NASA decided to never get married
– because she needed her space.

When astronomers finish calculating the time from sunrise to sundown, they call it a day.

Why haven’t the aliens visited our solar system yet?
– Bad reviews… only 1 star.

How do aliens keep themselves clean while in space?
– With a meteor shower!!!

Why don’t aliens ever visit Earth?
– Because it only has one star

What did the alien say to the cat?
– Take me to your litter..

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