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Alien puns 👽🛸 in 2023

What do you call an alien with 3 balls ?
– E.T. (extra testicle.)

What tech do aliens use?
– Samsung Galaxy

When it was time to celebrate the day earth was born, everybody wished her, “Happy Earthday!”

Aliens usually cook Unidentified Frying Objects in their skillet.

I just graduated from astronaut school. Let’s go out for launch.

An astronaut’s favorite type of book to read is a comet book.

The alien parent couldn’t afford to buy his kid a telescope. The price of it was astronomical.

Why haven’t aliens visited our Solar System yet?
– They looked at the reviews… only 1 star

Asked an Alien why they never visits us.
”bad reviews, only one star”they said.

When the NASA scientist felt betrayed, he said “You d-asteroid my trust.”

When aliens appreciate their best friends, they tell them, “You rock my world!”

A scientist working for NASA decided to never get married
– because she needed her space.

When astronomers finish calculating the time from sunrise to sundown, they call it a day.

The alien got fired from his current job because he was spacing out at work.

When you cross an alien with something sweet, cute, and fluffy, you get a martian-mellow.

How do aliens keep themselves clean while in space?
– With a meteor shower!!!

Why don’t aliens ever visit Earth?
– Because it only has one star

Why haven’t the aliens visited our solar system yet?
– Bad reviews… only 1 star.

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