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Meat puns ๐Ÿฅฉ in 2023

What do you get when you cross a chicken and a cow?
– Roost beef!

If anyone gets a suspicious email from me about canned meat, donโ€™t open it. Itโ€™s spam!

How do you make a milkshake?
– Give a cow a pogo stick.

Which side of a deer has the best meat?
– The inside.

You should avoid beef when trying to lose weight
– Too many cowlories.

How do you defeat a meat-loving vampire?
– With a steak to the heart!

Are you going to the BBQ (What BBQ?) My meat in your grill

She handed me a jar and said, “This herb goes well with pork, beef, duck and chicken recipes, and fatty meats in particular.”
– I looked at the label and thought, “That is some sage advice.”

What did the judge say at the finale of the meat throwing contest?
– The steaks have never been higher!

I got the mooves like Jagger

Why didn’t the butcher cross the road?
– He didn’t want to brisket!

What do you call a cow with no front legs?
– Lean Beef

I was grilling yesterday but then the meat started smoking
– Stakes were high

Are you beef?
– Because your Carlos-Asada

What did the steak say to his girlfriend?
– You’re the apple of my rib-eye!

If puns were meats, this one would be the wurst

What do you call a vegetarian who goes back to eating meat?
– Someone who lost his/her veg-inity!

Lately my wife looks at me like Iโ€™m just a piece of meat.
– And it wouldnโ€™t bother me if she wasnโ€™t a vegan.

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