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Meat puns ๐Ÿฅฉ in 2021

What did the judge say at the finale of the meat throwing competition?
– The steaks have never been higher!

A sign in the window reads CURED MEATS. Inside, a salami takes his first steps since the accident. A prosciutto learns to forgive.

How do you cook alligator meat?
– In a croc pot!

What kind of meat comes from an animal whose left legs are shorter than their right legs?
– Lean.

Why donโ€™t you eat raw beef?
– So you donโ€™t get cowmonella.

What’s an astronaut’s favorite meat?
– Launch meat!

Baby Your The Meat And In The Meat Tenderiser, Your About To Get Pounded.

How do you make friends with a meat sandwich?
– You tell it a bunch of bologna

I once chased out a guy who was trying to steal meat cooking in one of the ovens
– You meet a lot of strange people at the Morgue

If you feel like youโ€™ve herd all these cow puns before, you probably have deja-moo.

Why did the farmer stop telling meat puns?
– Because he butchered every joke!

Do like meat and ass?
– Can i stick my meat in ur ass

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