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Electricity puns ⚡ in 2021

“You’re a unit of electrical energy, Harry.” “I’m a watt?”

“Why are environmentalists attracted to electricity? It’s natural.”

“In my Science class, we were talking about Kinetic and Potential Energy. I said out loud, ‘No wonder my mom calls me Kinetic.’ Because I have no Potential.”

Cat watt your tongue?

Superconductors can be very polite at times. When they walked into a pub one day and were told that their kind of rum was not at sale that day, they simply left without resistance.

Electricians only shop in one place, the Ohm Depot.

During a power play.

“I really have to force myself to get through this book on friction.”

“Why did the lights go out? Because they liked each other!”

Wow, you’re quick off the spark.

Don’t be nervous, just do watt comes naturally.

Thou they lost the case, they were amp-le reasons why the power firm should be compensated.

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