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Space puns in 2024

See you lunar rather than later.

Get outer my space.

Let’s get astrophysical

At a snail’s space.

Comet me, bro

There are so many possibilities, I don’t have the Space or the Time to Continuim.

It’s morning, rays and shine.

Astronauts never get hungry on a space mission because they’ve had a big launch.

You’re a blast

Aliens are great poets, they write their poems in uni-verses.

Reaching new flights.

You must be the sun because you’re the center of my universe

Put through your spaces.

Get outer my space

I’m reading a book about anti-gravity… it’s impossible to put down.

Chance would be a shine thing.

I bet the earth makes fun of the other planets for having no life.

You’re out of this world

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