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Book puns ๐Ÿ“š in 2023

You’re nothing but a wilde thing.

Treat yo Shelves.

I’m reading a novel about anti gravity.its impossible to
put down.

what did period said to the sentence? we better stop now!

I started reading book about mazes .. i got lost in it .

Once i tried illustrating currancy books for a living I never
drew a dime.

I like big books and i cannot lie.

they dont have any shelf awareness.

I only found out about the library at the end if street.they
have been very quiet about it.

Waldo goes to India and finds himself

I read dead people.

A little boy was so full of energy that even he read it
was a hyper text.

why did the run on sentence think it was pragnant? its
period was late.

Only spreading good scribes here.

The podiatry book used footnotes while proctology book
used endnotes.

where my prose at ?

He can only blame his shelf.

Dewey belong togather ?

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