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Book puns ๐Ÿ“š in 2023

My weekend is fully booked.

in the book of my mind.

I wish you would open up to me.

Forever jung.

leave poetry to the prose.

the policeman said if i didn’t pay my library fine he
would have to book me

past present future walked into a was tense.

sorry i cant hang weekend is booked.

An accountant for a restaurant has to be sure the books are
not cooked.

check your shelf before you wreck your shelf.

A book well spent

I couldn’t get a reservation.they are fully booked.

You’re nothing but a wilde thing.

Treat yo Shelves.

I’m reading a novel about anti gravity.its impossible to
put down.

what did period said to the sentence? we better stop now!

I started reading book about mazes .. i got lost in it .

Once i tried illustrating currancy books for a living I never
drew a dime.

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