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Clock puns ⏰ in 2022

One of my classmates was measuring the clock. When I asked him why he was doing it,
– he said, “The history teacher had asked him to check the beginning and end of the time”.

11:59:59 is my favourite time of day
– it’s second to noon.

What happens when you annoy a clock?
– It gets ticked off.

How can you tell when your clock is hungry?
– It goes back four seconds.

What is a clever clock called?
– A clockwise.

Which dog will always know what time it is?
– A watchdog, duh!

My neighbour was always late until he started sleeping in his herb garden. Now he wakes up on thyme.

I’ve just been fired from the clock making factory after all those extra hours I put in.

What does a clock do when he’s still hungry?

– He goes back “four” seconds!

Digital clock entered happily in the room and excitedly said to its grandfather clock, “Look, grandpa, I have no hands”.

Nana said it was time for me to reflect, so I stood in front of the mirror with the wristwatch in one of my hands.

The robber broke into the clock shop and shouted ‘hands up’.

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