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Boba puns in 2023

What do you call two bobas that get along really well?
– Best teas.

What did the pearl say when two teas were falling out. Can’ we just all get oolong?

If boba tea was in an orchestra what instrument would it play?
– The bubble bass.

I’ve asked my wife to put on Mandalorian armour tonight. I’ve got a Boba Fettish.

How do pearls keep their houses warm over the winter season?
– They get bubble glazing installed.

I’m totally cap-bubble of drinking something other than tea, I just don’t want to!

How does bubble tea light a fire?
– Using a matcha.

I’m feeling bobbly.

What do you call a party for bounty hunters where you serve those little tapioca balls from bubble tea?
– a boba fete!…I’ll just show myself out.

What is boba’s favorite kind of joke?
– The bubble entendre!

If you want to spread positivi-tea then give someone a boba.

What did the boba tea say before it had any dairy added?
– Absence milks the heart grow fonder.

You’re pro-boba-ly right.

What kind of jewellery does boba like best?
– Pearly whites.

I always had a thing for the pearl next door.

What is a milk boba’s favourite Michael Jackson song?
– Smooth Creaminal!

Boba Dylan – A bubble tea’s favorite folk singer.

What did boba tea say when he saw his first science experiment at school?
– Unbeliebubble!

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