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Boba puns in 2022

What do you call it when you get two cups of pearl tea for the price of one?
– Bubble trouble.

Pearls night out.

I am taro-bly bad at coming up with bubble tea puns!

What did the milk say to the green tea?
– You and me are a pearl-fect fit for each other.

Boba Fett has been hired to steal Doc Brown’s time machine
– He’s after that man’s delorean

Which Katy Perry song does boba tea like to listen to best?
– I Kissed A Pearl!

This boba tea is unbelie-bubble!

If boba is unsure about something and needs some help with the future what do they do?
– Get a taro reading.

You are my bobae.

Which Star Wars character works in a restaurant?
– Darth Waiter.

Why do you get so much choice over flavor in a bubble tea shop?
– Because varie-tea is the spice of life.

Hope you’re tapi-okay!

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