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Bone puns ๐Ÿฆด in 2021

Bone lovers always tend to like spending time in the forest.
– I found out that it’s because they like the s-pine trees.

Do you know how many bones there are in a human hand?
– I’m not sure either, but I’m assuming it’s a handful.

Having this one in my life is always such a Bone-us.

This pun is so bad itโ€™s a shin.

What do you call a funny bone?
-A humerus.

The skeleton was so stupid, he was a total numskull.

The bone-ly one for me!

Orthopedic doctors hate paintings, they find them boring.
– They much prefer skull-ptures.

Tibia honest, it takes a lot of spine to memorize jokes and puns about the bones in the skeleton.

Try as she might, the skeleton just couldn’t manage to drag herself out of bed
-She was bone tired.

Two female cats usually fight with each other by saying, “You’re a cheetah.
– It was a marrow escape.

I went to the doctor to donate my body to science.
-He told me I had to spine on the dotted line.

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