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Weed puns in 2024


I juana grow old with you.

I always knew weed be best friends.

I’m so stoned over you.

What is the right way to count weed ?
– Round Up method


Sinister Minister

Yes we cannabis!

You’re ganja have a good time.

What would have happened if smoking weed was illegal in the 8th century
– you could get stoned for getting stoned


Maui Wowie

Yes We Cannabis

Meanwhile waitress : wanna smoke weed with me?
– Waitress was high on workplace, and she was trying to act normal.

What is malnutrition?
One blunt between five stoners.

If the whole world would smoke weed at the same time there would be world peace for a few hours


Which things can make two wrong the right?
– A joint.

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