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Weed puns 🌿🚬 in 2023

I juana grow old with you.


A friend with weed is a friend indeed.

What if weed was at restaurants like alcohols?
Would it be like; should we order a joint for the table?

I caught my cows eating weeds
– The milk was high

Evil Edamame


What would happen if you will try to smoke weed in Saudi Arabia?
– You will get stoned.

What happens when time smokes weed?
– It becomes high time


Happy Smoke

The Chronic

It was a surprise to know that I have a drug attic in my house.

Laughter is the best medicine
Marijuana makes you laugh
Does that mean Marijuana is the best medicine?

You toke my breath away!

Da Kine

Piesy’s Homegrown

I was watching out the plants after sprinkling weed killer on them, now after an hour they don’t seem interesting any more.

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