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Smore puns in 2024

“I love you a little s’more every day.”

What family members are most likely to spoil the s’more children?
– Grahamma and Grahampa

A hip replacement is when something hip gets replaced by something else that’s more hip.

“My s’more is a hot mess.”

What do you call an onion’s more fun cousin?
– Funions

Do you want to hear a Jonestown joke?
– Actually, never mind. The punch line was too long.

Let’s roast ‘mallows, and party s’more.”

“The secret ingredient to life is always a little s’more.”

Because, everyone needs something to carry their marshmallows.

“I’m one happy camper.”

What is your best joke involving s’mores?
– We are cooking them tonight and I need some ammunition

It’s ok, we like it like that.

“Every year, I fall for you a little s’more.”

I told my daughter, “Did you know that humans eat more bananas than monkeys?” She rolled her eyes at me, but I persevered. “It’s true!”
“When was the last time you ate a monkey?!”

S ’ mores always leave you begging for mho ’ more .

“I’d like to see s’more of this view.”

I want to make s’mores, but I’m out of graham crackers…
– Good thing I have Instagram

– I came home and made breakfast for my dad and sister. I tried a new egg recipe that I found. I asked them how they like it and he said, “They taste like s’mores.” My sister and I looked at him funny and he said, “Like I want some more of them!”

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