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Smore puns in 2023

“I’d like to see s’more of this view.”

I want to make s’mores, but I’m out of graham crackers…
– Good thing I have Instagram

– I came home and made breakfast for my dad and sister. I tried a new egg recipe that I found. I asked them how they like it and he said, “They taste like s’mores.” My sister and I looked at him funny and he said, “Like I want some more of them!”

“Spread s’more love.”

What’s the best place to learn more about candles?
– Wickipedia.

“I’ll stop the world and melt with you.” — Modern English, “I Melt With You”

Everything is randomness ’ more fun with you !

So much better than burpees. So much better.

“I love s’mores a choco-lot.”

Someone at the party didn’t know what a s’more was.
– It’s the opposite of a s’less.

What’s a more concrete term for butt crack?
– Asphalt.

“S’more s’mores is never a bad thing.”

“I need s’more bonfires in my life.”

We go in concert like graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows .

“Doing less with s’mores.”

What’s more expensive, a ladder or a diamond?
– The latter.

I told my daughter, “Did you know that humans eat more bananas than monkeys?” She rolled her eyes at me, but I persevered. “It’s true!”
– “When was the last time you ate a monkey?!”

“Keep calm and get your s’mores on.”

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