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Sushi puns ๐Ÿฃ in 2021

If you make a mistake in a Japanese restaurant while ordering soup, just say, โ€˜Miso-sorry.โ€™

i followed my heart and it led me to sushi

What kind of food takes you to court?
– Sue-shi

I saw my gran last night. She phoned and said ‘come up an sashimi some time’.

Cut my life into pieces and you will end up with my sushi roll.

There is a long sushi queue of people at the venue waiting to buy raw fish.

sushi doesnโ€™t ask silly questions

The sushi chef found the source of the buzzing noise. It wasabi.

The reason I loved his subject in undergrad is because it made miso happy.

Sushi crossed the road sushi could get to the other side.

At the age of tuna half, the worldโ€™s greatest sushi chef began training other chefs.

Is this how you sushi roll?

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