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Bug puns ๐ŸฆŸ in 2023

Insect Puns Bug Me

Q: Why did the bug cross the road? A: Cause he wanted to see the “Lady bugs”

I decided to develop an exercise routine for insects. It’s not going that well. Guess I have to work out the bugs.

There was a sick wasp at our home. So, I told my sister to take it to the waspital.

What would you call a modest insect? A humblebee

What do you call a bug that can’t have too much sugar? A: a diabeetle

Q: What did the judge say when the stinkbug entered the courtroom? A: Odor in the court!

There was a new film out. It was about two insects who met in Italy. It was a Rome-ants film.

What would you call a bug if it had four wheels and one trunk? It’d be called A Volkswagen Beetle.

What do you call a snail that travels the world by ship? A snailor

I saw an antelope the other day. First insect wedding that Iโ€™ve attended.

Q: What do you call a wasp? A: A wanna-bee

An insect once met with R. Kelly, and requested, “could you sing me a song?”. Kelly just said, โ€œI believe I can, fly.โ€

Yesterday, I saw an ant-elope. It was supposed to be the first insect wedding that I attended.

What game do insects like to play the most? Cricket

Insect Puns are Beezare

What do you call an ant that wonโ€™t go away Permanant

I complained to my landlord about the ten insects that were in my flat. He told me that’s the previous ten-ant’s fault.

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