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Bug puns in 2024

What was the Soviet Union’s most secretive insect? The Cagey Bee.

Q: What do you call two spiders who just got married? A: Newlywebs!

A man went to the doctor complaining that he kept seeing some insect buzzing around him. The doctor just told him not to worry; it was just a bug that was going around.

I was delighted to win the Halloween dress-up competition. I’m still buzzing from the accolade.

Did you hear about the experiment where they taught insects how to use Microsoft office? The entire thing was Excel Ant.

Q: “Waiter, what’s this fly doing in my soup?” A: “I think it’s doing the backstroke!”

Q: What do you call a homeless bug? A: A bum-blebee.

Today, I saw a green insect on a car window. It must have been some kind of glasshopper.

What do we call a blood-sucking, barbecued insect? Mesquite-o.

What do you call an insect that just got a perm? A frizzbee

Q: What do you call the animated movie about a pet bug? A: The Secret Life of Pests

Q: What does a caterpillar do on New Year’s Day? A: Turns over a new leaf.

Recently, I made a few jokes about insects on the fly.

What would you call an insect that went undercover? A spyder

What animal is the strongest? A snail because he carries his home on his back.

Friend of mine failed his Wasp Identification Exam recently. He got a bee.

Q: What kind of bugs live in clocks? A: Ticks!

I opened a nightclub and hired some small insects to discourage shady people from entering. The insects were my deter ants.

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