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Bug puns ๐ŸฆŸ in 2023

I saw an insect with a pack of cards earlier. Ant & Deck.

Q: What do ants use to smell good? A: Deodor-ant!

I don’t like any insects, huge or small. They really bug me

Today, I saw an amazing film about a gigantic insect. It was an XL ant production.

What’s an insectโ€™s favorite letter? B.

Two beetles, are born as brothers. One travels the world, makes friends, and is an inspiration to insects. The other doesnโ€™t. He was the lesser of two weevils.

Q: What do you call a retired boy band that like bugs? A: The Beatles!

My bank recently hired a scientist that specializes in small insects. I guess she’s an expert on fine ants.

I went to Moth school for the first time yesterday. They were teaching Mothematics in the first period.

Which insect has the best sense of smell? The Scentipede.

Q: How do fleas travel? A: They itch-hike!

Q: What game do ants play with elephants? A: Squash!

I told my sister that I needed an insect to help me prove my innocence at court. She told me that I should use an Aphid David.

What kind of insect can kill germs? A disinfect-ant

Why did the fly always avoid landing on the computer? Because it was scared of the world wide web.

Heard a rumour of a giant butterfly in London. Probably just an urban moth.

Q: What do you call a bug with four wheels and a trunk? A: A Volkswagen Beetle!

I went to an all insect restaurant, but their service was quite terrible. Apparently fly-tipping isn’t allowed.

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