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Bug puns ๐ŸฆŸ in 2021

Some some flies playing football in a saucer earlier. They hope to be in the cup next week

Q: What is a bugs favorite sport? A: Cricket.

I had a friend who was a CIA agent. One day she arrived at a hotel in Egypt, where dead insects were all over the floor. She was sweeping for bugs all day.

A sushi met with a bee. The sushi said, “Wassabee”.

What do you call a bug that doesn’t care what you say? Non-compli-ant.

Q: When do spiders go on their honeymoon? A: After their ‘webbing’ day!

Q: Where do bees wait for a ride? A: At the buzz stop!

My mother recently bought a trap to help with our bug infestation problem. But it wasn’t successful. I let her know that we need to find some different ANTS-ers.

Are insect sprays good for wasps? It’s not, it kills them.

What letter has the ability to hurt you if you get too close to it? B.

I saw an insect with a pack of cards earlier. Ant & Deck.

Q: What do ants use to smell good? A: Deodor-ant!

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