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Bug puns ๐ŸฆŸ in 2022

Q: What do moths study in school? A: Mothematics!

Q: What’s green and jumps a mile per minute? A: A grasshopper with the hiccups!

Aโ€™s are actually like flowers. It’s because the beeโ€™s usually come after them

Where do ghosts scare away all insects? In Boo-da-pest.

Why did the fly fly away? Because it saw that the spider had spied on her.

My bedside lamp turned into a butterfly this morning. Last time I buy a cheap larva lamp.

Q: What’s a caterpillar’s favorite weapon? A: A caterpolt!

My colleague has an insect parasite that sucks blood because it can’t stop fidgeting. He just has a nervous tick.

I saw some bees going to school today. They were on a school buzz.

What did the giant ant decide to name his son? Eleph-ant.

Q: How do fireflies start a race? A: Ready, Set, Glow!

What do you call an ant who likes to be alone? An independant

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