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Math puns ➕➖ in 2023

Never mention the number 288.
-It’s just two gross.

Somedays, the village math teacher would take the math class in the field.
-There he would teach us the use of pro-tractor.

A math student’s favorite season of the year is the season of sum-mer!

Take a positive integer N. No wait, N is too big; take a positive integer k.

The mathematician was so involved in trigonometry that soon, there were early sines of memory loss and madness in him!

The number 288 is one such number that no one likes to talk about because it is two gross!

Why did the 30-60-90 degree triangle marry the 45-45-90 degree triangle?
– Because they were right for each other.

When a group of mathematicians planted a tree, it did not survive for too long.
-This is because it had no real roots!

The renowned scientist Pythagoras named a side of the triangle after his favorite animal.
-The name of the side was hippotenuse!

I saw my maths teacher holding some graph paper
– I think he’s plotting something.

As the number completed his lifelong dream of standing on top of the highest peak, he shouted out, “I feel like I am infinite.”

The professors were more than happy to welcome me as a math teacher because my qualifications added up!

What’s the best way to woo a math teacher?
-Use acute angle.

To our surprise, the repairman was very good at mathematics.
– This is because he was good with multi-pliers!

 Six was terrified of seven because there was a rumor that seven eight nine!

As the teacher had told him not to use the tables while multiplying, he was sitting on the floor doing multiplication sums!

The excitement and buzz that people have on National Pi Day are completely irrational.

One should never discuss about infinity with someone who teaches math
-The discussion will have no end!

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