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Math puns ➕➖ in 2022

I called a local restaurant the other night and said, “Do you do takeaways?
-They said “Yes”, so I said “what’s 23452 minus 345?”

The obtuse angle had to go visit the beach; it was above 90 degrees!

Cows are very good at counting numbers because they have in-built cowlculators.

No tree or plant ever likes to do maths because they get square roots by doing maths.

When I told my father that we had 36 cows and not the 40 as he had said, he replied, “I had just rounded them up from the market!”

The angle that is adored and loved by everyone is acute angle!

Most vampires are rubbish at maths unless you Count Dracula.

The school maths teacher was seen with a graph paper before today’s test
-She must be plotting something for the test.

The student said that he was willing to do everything in maths and geometry, but the graph is where he drew the line!

The student turned in a blank paper during a mathematics test because all his answers were written in imaginary numbers.

Why should you not mix alcohol and calculus?
– Because you should never drink and derive.

One of the greatest tragedies in math is that despite having so much in common, two parallel lines will never know each other because they’ll never meet.

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