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Math puns ➕➖ in 2023

Why is the obtuse triangle depressed?
-Because it is never right.

The triangle was chosen over the circle and rectangle for the basketball team because it was bound to give three-pointers.

There was a knight who had built King Arthur’s roundtable perfectly.
-His name was Ser Cumference!

My girlfriend is the square root of -100, she’s a perfect 10, but purely imaginary.

 It was a very mean thing for the teacher to tell the boy specifically that he was very average in math!

 In the animal kingdom, all zebras like solving problems in algebra.

How do mathematicians scold their children?
– If I’ve told you n times, I’ve told you n+1 times…”

When I asked my friend if he heard anything about the missing statistician, he replied, “In all probability, I have no

I was sad to hear about Mama fraction passing away.
-She had died due to myocardial infraction!

The mathematician couldn’t make it work yesterday because he had an injury in his angles.

Statistics can never be anyone’s favorite subject because it is just so mean and average!

The teacher asked this student what n+3n was.
-The student replied that it sounded foreign to him. The teacher said, “That is correct!”

Never mention the number 288.
-It’s just two gross.

Somedays, the village math teacher would take the math class in the field.
-There he would teach us the use of pro-tractor.

A math student’s favorite season of the year is the season of sum-mer!

Take a positive integer N. No wait, N is too big; take a positive integer k.

The mathematician was so involved in trigonometry that soon, there were early sines of memory loss and madness in him!

The number 288 is one such number that no one likes to talk about because it is two gross!

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