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Butter puns 🧈 in 2021

I was going to tell a butter joke
– But the margarine for error was too big

The peanut butter was always broke because he worked for peanuts.

I see more and more shops selling really big butter knives.
– They’re becoming widespread.

– When butter gossip and tell tales about one another behind their backs.

I usually butter my skillet before making pancakes because it cooks batter.

When the slab of butter finally reached his classroom he sighed,
– “Butter late than never!”

Why did the butter knife put on a bow tie?

– Because he wanted to look sharp.

huck does not cut butter with a knife,
– he cuts a knife with butter.

I was just sitting, watching the world churn.

What kind of fish do you put on peanut butter sandwich?
– A jellyfish.

Due to the pandemic, we should all avoid buying butter.
– Together we can stop the spread.

When peanut butter wanted to show affection to bread,
– it said “I’m only nuts for you.”

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