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Butter puns 🧈 in 2023

Stop being so salty!

Caught my kids throwing sticks of butter up in the air in our backyard.
– They said they wanted to see butterflies!

The peanut butter got a job at the nut house, now he was a butler, a peanut butler.

Chuck Norris can gargle peanut butter

Butter churns the world around!

My friend hurt himself while making butter on his farm. It was an unfortunate churn of events.

Toast and bread are the best couples.
– There’s nobody butter than them.

Good bakers use real butter so that there is no margarine for error.

My mom is the jelly and my dad is the peanut butter And I am the bread the only thin keeping them together.

If we got rid of margarine and cheese, would the world be a butter place?

I’m into real food and that includes real butter

Have you heard that rumor about butter
– Well I am not gonna spread it

Not a Dad, but my Dad made this joke. “What do you call Jack the Ripper with a butter knife?”
– A dull evening.

My local florist isn’t into butter.
– They’re not interflora either.

Great bakers aren’t born, they’re bread!

Don’t ask me to tell you that joke about butter.
– I refuse to spread it.

It is so hard to make butter.
– It takes an e-churn-ity.

how do you know that there is an elephant in the fridge?

– A:By the footprints on the butter

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