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Harry Potter puns in 2024

What do you call an electrocuted Dark Lord? A Volt-demort.

What type of shoes does Voldemort wear? Horcrocs!

Don’t worry, you’ll weasily deal with this.

“Why so Sirius?”

I’m trying to write a book about Platform 9 and 3/4.
But I keep hitting a wall.

I Griffyn-adore Harry Potter.

What do you call a Slytherin in winter? A Shiver-in.

I need a s-Potter for this exercise.

It’s malfoy-med (malformed)

I named my lizard Harry just so I can say “You’re a lizard, Harry!”

Why does Voldemort love Nagini so much? Because she gives him hugs and hisses.

That was Dumble-adorable.

A dumbbell door.

What do you call a postman that can speak to packages?
A parcel tongue.

Give the cards a s-hufflepuff

How does the headmaster get into Hogwarts? Through a Dumble-door!

That hippoPottermus really likes Harry Potter puns.

The city that neville sleeps

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