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Harry Potter puns 👓 in 2022

If a wizard gets robbed by a Muggle, has he been Muggled?

Why did Snape throw away so many potions? They were past their hex-piration date!

Ron appetit.

Do you mind if I Slytherin between your sheets?

Why was Voldemort trying to listen to the Order of
Phoenix meetings? He was nosy!

That was a really myst-sirius novel. 

Why couldn’t Harry find Hermione? He was looking in
the Ron places.

This pun topic is very Pottercular.

They’re all muggled up!

McGonagall is a good teacher, but she has a tendency to be catty.

Which Hogwarts teacher gets the blame? Professor Snape-Goat.

A fool and his money are weasily parted 

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