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Spice puns 🧂 in 2023

Beyond seasonable doubt.

It’s even pepper than the real thing.

Ask a chilli question and you’ll get a chilli answer.

Senior cinnamon.

They have way too much thyme on their hands.

Pie love spending time with you.

A few days ago, I got sprayed by a salt-spraying truck. “Watch out!” I yelled through gritted teeth.

For want of a pepper word.

I’ll heat you there.

I’m cumin to the end of my rope.

It’s thyme to wake up.

I’ll have the condimental breakfast.

It’ll be pepper tomorrow.

The less I know, the pepper.

We heat the jackpot!

What a peaceful herb-itat.

Spice, spice, baby.

That was a great jam season yesterday.

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