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Unicorn puns ๐Ÿฆ„ in 2022

Most unicorns ride to the park on unicycles.

Unicorns usually start as bad magicians
– because they are unable to horn their skills.

When my daughter said she saw some chubby unicorns at the zoo, I couldnโ€™t believe it. But it turns out it was just rhinos.

– Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

“Being a person is getting too complicated. Time to be a unicorn.”

If you ever cross a cow with a unicorn, it will horned beef

The unicorn was taken to testify in the uni-court
– because she was the mane suspect.

Did you hear the one about the genius unicorn who aced every subject?
– Yeah, he was a real A corn.

What do you call a gelded unicorn?
– A Eunuch-corn

The fairy princess preferred to ride her unicorn more than her pony
– because it horsed around way too much.

If grains and maize grew magically, they would be called uni-corns.

What do you call a Mexican unicorn?
– Junicorn.

Recent archaeological evidence has revealed that magical unicorns used to exist in Americorn.

What is the difference between a unicorn and a carrot?
– One is a funny beast and the other is a bunny feast.

A fancy, fashionable, and iconic unicorn should be called a fashionicorn.

A unicorn living in New York should be called a uNYcorn instead.

Just because your football team calls itself the unicorns doesnโ€™t mean they can play in the corn field.

A guy walks into Starbucks and orders a Frappe with unicorn hair and newt eyes
– It was quite the tall order

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