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Lettuce puns ๐Ÿฅ— in 2023

Romain calm

What did the salad say to pineapple .. Lettuce be friends

Everyone just needs to romaine calm.

We’re so glad you “lettuce” know!ย 

Welcome to the Church of the Holy Cabbage.lettuce pray.

What do you call a baby lion on lettuce?a cub salad.

Lettuce be funny

Call and lettuce know if you can make it to the salad eating contest.

You are so romain-tic.

โ€œI told you to get iceberg lettuce!โ€Romain calm….I’ll go back to the store.

this may be just the tip of ice berg.

What type of lettuce did they serve on the Titanic? – Iceberg.

Lettuce in.

A truck carrying salad vegetables tipped over on the highway. The police asked everyone to romaine calm.

โ€œLettuceย eat!โ€

I went to my fridge to get some lettuce for my salad but there was non-romaining.

wanna taco aboute jesus ? lettuce pray.

The server asked a man what kind of lettuce he wanted in his salad. He asked for all of them. He wanted to leaf his options open.

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