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Lettuce puns ๐Ÿฅ— in 2022

This pile of leaves told us it was spinach but it turned out to be romaine. It lettuce to the wrong conclusion.

โ€œYouโ€™veย lettuceย down the wrong path!

How do you write “lettuce” in Romaine numerals?

Romain calm and carrot on.

Lettuce know if you’ve got any more leaf jokes.

Lettuce always be friends.

Lettuce have a laugh at this

Lettuce know how we did

knock knock whos there? lettuce lettuce who? lettuce in and ill tell ya

“Only the strong will *Romaine*!”

Caesar salads are really good at division. They can always find the romaine-der.

โ€œBut itย lettuceย to the wrong conclusion.โ€

I’m really worried about this ecoli outbreak but lettuce romain calm.

Lettuces make great detectives. They leaf no stone unturned.

Lettuce be thankful.

Lettuce romain positive.

I donโ€™t usually go grocery shopping, so when my mom asked to buy lettuce, I had to tell myself to romaine calm

What did Queen Lettuce say to her greens?Lettuce eat brussels.

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