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Corn puns ๐ŸŒฝ in 2022

After an eating competition, what would the
corn say? โ€“ โ€œ It is utter corn-age.โ€

You should not take corns when travelling on a flight because they will make your ears pop.

I complemented some corn the other day.
It smiled from ear to ear.

The corncob stops talking because he is tired of field-ing too many questions.

I took the grain to the granary and the corn to the coronary.

What does corn have in common with good friends? You know youโ€™ll see them again

What did the mama corn say to her plump son?
You are not fat. You are just a little husky.

Most of the corn farmers and growers are conservative simply because they support republic-corns.

Did you know corn has a favourite food? It loves cobb salad.

Corn uses โ€œCorn Breadโ€ for money.

What do we call two cornstalks which are best friends? โ€“ They are earbuds!

1,200 candy corns will kill you!
Don’t worry the world record is three!

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