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Photography puns 📸 in 2022

The first photograph of a black hole was released
– It sucks

I once raced against a Photographer in Finland
– It was a Photo Finnish

What’s a photographers favourite food?
– Cheese

What type of photographs cost money and which ones are free?
– Sell-fees and sell-frees

What type of image format do lion photographers use?

What is the best quality to use when photographing forks?
– 4K

I’ve kept photographs of all my old girlfriends
they’re more attractive than the younger ones.

I bought a reversing camera the other day, it’s amazing! I’ve never looked back since.

The trouble with having nightmares when you’re a photographer is you will keep having flashbacks of it during the day.

I’m going on a healthy living retreat with a group of other photographers, we’re all going on a c-lens.

I tried to take a picture of some fog this morning, but I mist.

I thought I could make a decent living taking photos of the jousting spears that the Renaissance Fair was handing out
Turns out being a free lance photographer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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