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Purple puns 🟣 in 2023

The CSI team was called to the Purple Rain shoot,
– because they had to dust for Prince.

I saw a purple fawn the other day. I named it laven-deer.

What did the green grape say to the purple grape?
Edit: breathe..dammit

I made pancakes, but now the whole house smells like lavender. I must have used the wrong flower…

My favorite shirt changed from blue to purple after I washed it. I guess it revealed its true colors.

Son: What rhymes with purple
Dad: No it doesn’t

What’s purple and is sitting in the corner of the room?
– A naughty plum.

My partner told me a joke about the color purple. I replied “I can really see what hue did there.”

My house was painted a bright purple, so I changed it to brown, then purple again…
– I went back to the fuchsia

I’m color blind and the other day I thought I could actually detect purple…
…but it was just a pigment of my imagination.

My grandfather told me he had got the Purple Heart. Alarmed, I told him to visit the doctor right away.

My friend has synaesthesia. I made the mistake of asking him the time; he replied, “Half past purple.”

Could I get arrested for having purple flowers in my home?
– I know that cops take a dim view of domestic violets.

What did the green grape say to the purple grape?
– Breathe!

Did you hear about Rudolph the Reindeer?
– Apparently he ran away from Santa, got tattooed and dyed his fur purple. He truly is a rebel without a Claus.

Why is the Kool-Aid Man red instead of purple?
– Because with grape powder comes great responsibility.

There’s a new breed of dog, which is purple from nose to tail. It’s called a Grape Dane.

What is the difference between a grape and an elephant?
– They are both purple except for the elephant.

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