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Sun puns ☀️ in 2021

When the sun comes up, nitrogen becomes daytrogen.

Why is the sun not very heavy to carry?
– Because it is really very light.

What is another fancy name for a sun fart?
– A solar flare.

How did the trees feel after winter when the sun was shining bright again?
– They felt releaved.

“Are we good, beaches?”

The sun loves going to the theme park and going on all the solar coasters.

What does the sun say after waking up every morning?
– “Rays and shine!”

What can we deduce from the fact that Earth is the third planet from the Sun?
– All earthly problems are third world problems.

Where do sharks go on summer vacation?
– To Finland.

“Hope you have a fintastic day.”

When all is said and sun, I prefer the summer.

If the sun had a kid, what would it be like?
– It would be like father, like sun.

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