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Sun puns ☀️ in 2022

The sun’s favourite chocolate bar is a Milky Way, or perhaps a Mars Bar.

Why is the sun such an egomaniac?
– He believes that everything revolves around him.

What happened when someone lit a fire from the sun ray?
– Everyone was de-lighted.

Why do judges hate going out in the sun?
– They like to remain fair.

“I’d love to sea more.”

Today, I’ve completed another lap around the sun, but I only get half a minute to celebrate
– because it’s my thirty second birthday.

Which prize do the participants in the sun tanning Olympics always want?
– The third prize wants a bronze.

Why can you never tell the exact time by only looking at the sun?
– After some time, it gets spotty.

Why do people find summer such a cool season?
– Because anything is popsicle when it is summer.

“Finally! I can sea clearly now.”

It’s Sunday, let’s go have some sun!

What do people do during their summer holidays?
– They have a lot of sun.

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