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Sun puns in 2024

The moon couldn’t come to the sun’s funeral
– because it isn’t a mourning person.

Why really should you never look at the sun from behind a colander?
– You will end up straining your eyes.

What is the sun’s favorite dessert in summer?
– An ice cream sundae.

What do the trees say to tourists when they are on summer vacation?
– Keep palm and enjoy!

“Everything is popsicle whenever I’m with you.”

Everyone thinks the sun is too heavy to carry, but really it is very light.

Why is the sun so popular at parties?
– Because he is the sunniest.

Why does Mercury always need burn ointment?
– Because he is always getting sunburnt.

How can the sun come up twice in one day?
– Once in the morning and once during a conversation.

“Shell we go?”

Every morning the sun wakes up and says “Rays and shine!”

When the sun madly falls in love, what is it called?
– Love at first light.

What did the lazy scientist say about landing on the surface of the sun?
– He will do it at night!

What is the sun’s favorite Shakespearean dessert?
– A midsummer ice cream.

“Come on, friends! Lettuce celebrate.”

ou know what they say: like father, like sun!

I gave the sun a rating on Google Maps, but I could only give it one star.

Why did the moon refuse to go to the sun’s funeral?
– It is not a mourning person.

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