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Sun puns in 2024

It’s Sunday, let’s go have some sun!

What do people do during their summer holidays?
– They have a lot of sun.

What do you say to a bright person who is making you laugh?
– You are too sunny! I cannot stop laughing.

Why is the sun obsessed with solving math problems?
– Because he is always talking about Sum-mer.

“Water you doing, my friend?”

The sun got into trouble
– because he went a step too star.

What are the sun’s favorite chocolate bars?
– A Milky Way or a Mars Bar.

Why is the sun such a famous celeb?
– Because he is literally a shining star, as everyone knows.

What does a cow make in the morning when the sun rises?
– A shadow.

“Whale, hello there, buddy.”

I was up all night wondering where the sun had gone, but then it dawned on me.

What sort of bond does the sun have with all the planets in its solar system?
– A bond of sol-idarity.

Why did a man squint when he saw someone insulting the sun?
– He now saw the man in a different light.

Why do people usually go to sunbathe on beaches during the summer?
– Because it is their favorite sea-sun.

“Sorry, I’m hot for you.”

In order to find out where the sun went, I had to stay up all night.

What is the sun’s favorite day of the week?
– Sunday, of course!

Why is the sun so strong and resilient?
– Because it can be shaken, but never starred.

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