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Lake puns 🤽🏻 in 2023

“Knot today.”

“Having a reel good time.”

Let minnow if you need anything.

Why do you float my boat?

Water you’re planning to do on your off day.

I’m never lake.

Lake life.

“You call it a jet ski. I call it a boater-cycle.”

I don’t need therapy, I just need the lake.

You’re diving me crazy.

Do you know the price of this camp sky?
– A two melon star hotel!

Let’s bring the bubbles.

Enjoy the waves of the beech.

“I like big boats and I cannot lie.”

At the lake and keeping it reel.

What happens on the deck, stays on the deck.

We’re going to the lake.

Let minnow the time when you will be free.

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