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Star Wars puns ๐ŸŽฅ in 2023

A Jedi Master asked his mum if he could get four sweets before dinner, but she said ‘no dear you can have Obi Wan’.

Gone with the Windu

A Jedi master’s favourite type of singing is yoda-ling.

You should always cook a stir fry in an e-wok.

Bringing Up BB-8

Chewbacca’s favourite ice cream flavour is wookies and cream.

Every morning when Luke wakes up C-3PO says “Ah, the rise of Skywalker”.

ย Holy Snokes!

Wookies don’t like steak because they think it is too chewy.

Donโ€™t look for love inย Alderaanย places!

East of Iden

The most popular car on Dagobah is a toy-yoda.

On the 25th December, Emporer Palpatine wished Vader a Merry Sithmas.

Ewok the Line

When Chewie wants to do some research he always looks on Wookiepedia.

R2D2 has a pirate cousin called Arrrr2D2.

Every rose has its Thrawn

BB wasn’t hungry because he already BB8.

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