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Star Wars puns in 2024

A Jedi Master asked his mum if he could get four sweets before dinner, but she said ‘no dear you can have Obi Wan’.

Lothal Weapon

Chewbacca was locked out of his house because he lost his woo-key.

Kylo Ren buys all his clothes from the maul.

Maul’s fair in love and war

 If Vader worked in a restaurant, he’d be a Darth Waiter.

Luke on the bright side of life!

Gone with the Windu

A Jedi master’s favourite type of singing is yoda-ling.

You should always cook a stir fry in an e-wok.

Bringing Up BB-8

Chewbacca’s favourite ice cream flavour is wookies and cream.

Every morning when Luke wakes up C-3PO says “Ah, the rise of Skywalker”.

 Holy Snokes!

Wookies don’t like steak because they think it is too chewy.

Don’t look for love in Alderaan places!

East of Iden

The most popular car on Dagobah is a toy-yoda.

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