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Star Wars puns in 2024

A Jedi Master asked his mum if he could get four sweets before dinner, but she said ‘no dear you can have Obi Wan’.

Slaughterhouse CT-5555

Yoda is the smelliest character in Star Wars because he doesn’t use de-yoda-rant.

When then was too much snow to fly, the Princess got to the party on her s-Leia instead.

Citizen Kanan

The Sith Lord couldn’t find the keys to the death star because he was looking in Alderaan places.

A Jedi’s favourite food are Sith Kabobs.

Qui-Gon Girl

You don’t know Jakku

Anakin burnt his toast but he didn’t mind because he likes it on the dark side.

Why did Kylo Ren chase Rey for so long?
-He probably just wanted a girlfriend. After all, he’d Ben Solo for so long.

A Starkiller is Born

Yoda has the best seat on the Jedi council because it is next to a Windu.

Princess Leia always keep her hair in buns so it doesn’t hang solo!

The Sith Sense

Darth Vader never sits down in a plane because he’s a Skywalker.

Be a Rey of sunshine in someone’s world.

Piell Fire

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