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Star Wars puns ๐ŸŽฅ in 2022

A Jedi Master asked his mum if he could get four sweets before dinner, but she said ‘no dear you can have Obi Wan’.

ย Iโ€™m on cloud Nien Nunb

When Luke was having trouble eating noodles with chopsticks, Leia said: “Use the forks, Luke.”

Itโ€™s written in theย Death Stars.

Crait Expectations

Yoda so good at gardening because he has green thumbs.

The best temperature to serve a Christmas Dinner to Star Wars characters is Luke warm.

The Finn Man

Chewbacca upgraded the Millenium Falcon and he can now fly it Hans free.

The Millenium Falcon took a wrong turn so they had to take a R2detour.

Like fathier, like son

Darth Vader’s favourite takeaway meal is sith-kebab.

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