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Wood puns in 2024

A lumberjack went to turn his chainsaw on but it wooden start.

Spruce Sprigsteen.

Tree Diddy.

Matthew Mahogany.

Polite trees always say thank yew

Poplars only really like mains-tree-m music.

When a tree doesn’t know the answer to something it just shrubs.

What do you say when you have cut down the wrong tree? Sorry, it was axe-idental.

Ashwood Kutcher.

Pine trees always get into trouble because they are so knotty.

When logs are exported to another country they are called depor-trees.

If you need to go to the bathroom while you are in a forest, make sure you take advantage of the toilet-trees.

I am building a table in my house but couldn’t decide
which type of wood to use, so in the end I just went with the most poplar.

After you give me this log, I willow you even more money.

What do trees say when they are in a really good mood?
I’m tree-mendous

The tree started examining its family history because it
wanted to get to know its roots.

What sort of food does the lumberjack want to have at their wedding? Mahogany roast.

Russel Branch.

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