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Moose puns ๐ŸฆŒ in 2022

Did you hear about the moose that dropped out of the Olympics?
– She had a problem with her calf

What do you call a poisonous moose?
– Venomoose

Moose โ€“ When moose think long and hard about something or a mooseโ€™s source of inspiration.

What is a hunterโ€™s favorite ice cream flavor?
– Moose tracks.

What do you call a moose that went to the optician?
– Good eyed deer

How do you start a letter to a moose?
-Deer whoever…

Puns amoose me

Moose lips sink ships.

What happens when a moose gets cold?
– She gets the moose bumps..

What did Queen Victoria say when a moose told her a joke?
– We are not a-moose-d

What’s the most important use for moose hair?
– To keep the moose warm.

You moose be joking!

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