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Owl puns in 2024

 This spell check is rubbish! I thought a TV programme featured a superb owl, turned out it was an American Football game.

What do you call an owl that’s all mixed up?
– Low.

Did you hear about the birds of prey on black Friday?
-It was a free for owl.

There was a famous owl that was known for being a huge Whitney Houston fan. Its favorite song?
-Owl Always Love You

What do you call an owl that has been caught in the act?
-A “spotted” owl.

The difference between a bad marksman and a constipated owl is thatOne can shoot but can’t hit

Who’s the most famous owl magician in the world?
-Hoooo-dini, of course!

If a male owl’s siblings adopts a baboon, the owl be a monkeys uncle

Why did they arrest the owl?
-He’s from the hoot

What is a medieval owl called?
-A knight owl.

What happens when you turn an owl into a small piece of wood?
-It becomes a dowl.

What is an owl’s dream occupation?
-Flight attendant.

What happens when owls get married?
-They walk down the owl.

What’s an owl’s favorite Lionel Richie song? “
-Owl Night Long

I’ve got a friend who is an owl, and the other day he told me he’s getting married….

You’re a bit of a know-it-owl.

What do you call an owl that wears armor?
– A knight owl.

Which owl is always making parody versions of famous songs?
– Weird Owl Yankovich.

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