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Owl puns ๐Ÿฆ‰ in 2023

Two owls sat on a perch.
-One said to the other, โ€œdoes this smell fishy to you?โ€.

Why do owls love playing Call of Duty?
-Because itโ€™s a sHOOTing game.

I hired an owl to watch my kids.
-She’s a real hootin’ Nanny

What do you call it when an owl has an upset stomach?
-Irritable Owl Syndrome.

Whatโ€™s an owlโ€™s favorite 90s rap song?
-Hoot! There It Is!

An owl lost its voice,It didn’t give a hoot.

Keep talking, I’m owl ears.

That owl would probably have more friends if he wasnโ€™t such a wise guy.

Whatโ€™s this about all owl puns being bad?
-Says hoo?

If an owl is like a well read chicken, what is an owl’s favorite food?
-Book worms.

There are two owls playing pool when one misses the shot.
– The other owl says โ€œtwo hitsโ€, the first owl says โ€œtwo hits to who?โ€.

How did the owl feel on his first date?

If a group of owls is called a parliament
-Is a group of Russian owls called an Owligarchy?

Some owls like to read murder mystery novels.
-Theyโ€™re big fans of hoo-dunnits.

One of the worst emergencies ever to hit Owlville was an epidemic of eb-owl-a.

Why did the owl join Tinder?
– He didnโ€™t want to be owl by himself.

Owl of a sudden the barn owl appeared from nowhere.

Why did the owl throw a party at his house?
-He just didnโ€™t want to be owl by himself.

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