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Owl puns ๐Ÿฆ‰ in 2023

Hoot have thought it would be this easy?

There was an owl who was an amazing mathematician.
– Her favorite subject? Owlgebra.

I love owls sine they are hoot

An owl came down with a sore throat but he didnโ€™t let it bother him.
– In fact, he couldnโ€™t give a hoot.

Two owl parents were super-worried about their son, because they were concerned he would become a juven-owl delinquent.

Hope everyone has a great time tonight at your owl watching parties!
-I hear they are all going to be superb!

Fly-By Hooting is the most common form of Owl on Owl attack

Owls never sleep at night because they have to think about work owl night long.

Why do owl babies take after their dad?
-Like feather, like son.

Iโ€™m talon you, it wasnโ€™t me!

What do you call an owl that can travel through time?
-Doctor Hoo.

Hoostonis the owls favorite city

Whatโ€™s an owlโ€™s favorite frozen treat?
-Mice cream.

Which owl was once president of the United States?
– Herbert HOOver.

I hired a wise owl to watch my kids while I was away
-Turns out they had a bit of a hootinanny.

Owl jump on the barn-wagon

A bunch of rough-and-tumble owls met at the local dive bar.
-Before you knew it, the whole thing turned into a free-for-owl.

Where do owls go on their honeymoon?
-Their love nest.

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