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Axe puns ๐Ÿช“ in 2023

The new ruler of our kingdom is brutal and savage: He wants to exe-terminate the old forest with his axe.

If i were an executioner, iโ€™d rather be the guy swinging an axe than the guy tying a rope.
– easier to get a head

I accidentally sprayed deodorant in my mouth today.
– Now when I talk I have this weird axe scent.

Whatโ€™s a similarity between your best friend and a tree? They both fall over when you hit them with an axe.

Little Ahmed is doing his biology homework.
– He comes upon a question: “What separates the head from the body?”

– Ahmed answers: “The axe”

If you want to axe me about my knife โ€“ life, do not bother because I just get only hammered.

I own an axe that belonged to Abraham Lincoln
– I replaced the head once,and the handle has been replaced twice.

I got struck by a golden axe
– Au!

What did one deodorant say to the other?
I can’t understand you, your axe scent is too strong.

I find it very difficult to understand my new Australian friend, who always puts on a lot of deodorants. Perhaps it is because has a too strong Axe scent.

I believe that the axe thrower loves that girl because he just misses her!

I come home and found an axe stuck in my laptop. It mush have been hacked by someone!

Elon Musk has launched a new cologne!
– Space-Axe Body Sprayโ„ข

I killed a dentist with an axe but only got charged with manslaughter.
– My lawyer said it was an axe-a-dental death.

Hey man, that really looks like a hatchet job!

Where does a lumberjack buy his axes?
– At the โ€œChopping Maul.โ€

How do you get an axe out of an egg?
– You hatchet!

Iโ€™ll always remember my dads last wordsโ€ฆ Why do you have an axe we live in the city

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