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Axe puns ๐Ÿช“ in 2022

I have been spending 3 last hours just looking for my axe. And then it suddenly hits me!

Two soldiers in the army look at the battle and say โ€œThere are so many enemies! This is so axe-citing!โ€

โ€œI spent the last three hours looking for my axe. Then, it suddenly hit me!โ€

What does an academic dwarf call his axes?
– x and y.

What do friends and trees have in common?
– They both fall down when you hit them with an axe.

For many people, throwing axes at animals or plants can be a random axe of violence.

What do you call it when you break your pick axe while working?
– A miner inconvenience

Iโ€™m sorry man I think I broke your axe headโ€ฆ Hope you can handle fixing it

Middle schoolers are
– Axe-holes

Fill in the blank: Friends are like_____
– mine is “Friends are like trees, if you hit them with an axe they fall over.”

It is a new axe for women!

Why did Johnny Appleseed carry an axe?
– To have better axe-ess to apples.

– As told by my 8 year old.

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