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Axe puns ๐Ÿช“ in 2022

That is an axe โ€“ llent throw!

Cut myself at a BYOB axe throwing place last night
– That’s right…. I had an axe-iden

my daughter made this gem up: what is the most popular console with the vikings?
– the axe-box

I saw a guy today with soot all over his face carrying a large pick axe and wearing a royal blue hardhat that matched his overalls.
But these are just miner details.

Do you hear about the lumberjack who loses his job today? His manager just gives him the axe!

When I ask my student to put the word โ€œschedule in a full sentenceโ€. She gives me this โ€œIn the shed, you will find an axe.โ€

Did you hear about the lumberjack who helps folks? He does random axe of kindness

Amazon just launched their new pharmacy service!
– They were going to call it Jeff’s Benzos, but that name got axed pretty quickly.

I came home to find an axe buried in my pc
– I think it has been hacked

I axe myself whether it is really necessary to chop down that tree in my garden.

I pulled over a truck going 80 miles an hour in a 55 zone. He had a cargo of axe-like tools used for shaping large pieces of wood.
– He was hauling adze!

A lumberjack chooses a tree to chop down. Before he has a chance to swing his axe, the tree exclaims, “WAIT! Don’t do this! I’m a talking tree!”
– The lumberjack responds, “Good. Then you will dialogue.”

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