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Axe puns ๐Ÿช“ in 2021

It is a new axe for women!

Why did Johnny Appleseed carry an axe?
– To have better axe-ess to apples.

– As told by my 8 year old.

In avengers endgame when Thor cuts off thanos’ head with an axe some blood hits nebula.
– I guess you could she’s covered in axe body spray.

i remeber my grandma last words what are you doing with that axe

My best friend is arrested by the police because he says that he used to be an axe murder. However, it turns out that he is just a terrible guitarist.

George Washington admitting chopping down the cherry tree of his father. But why didnโ€™t his father punish him? Because he still grabbed the axe in his hand.

How can you tell a lumberjack is from another part of the world? They have a noticeable axe-ccent

Little Johnny’s teacher asks, “George Washington not only chopped down his father’s Cherry tree, but also admitted doing it. Do any of you know why his father didn’t punish him?”
– Little Johnny replies, “Because George was the one holding the axe?

What’s the difference between a Scotsman and a high school jock?
– One has a strong accent, and the other has a strong Axe scent.

Do you know why the man failed as a standup comedian, but later became a prolific axe murderer? Because he was a total hack.

What did the lumberjack say to the talking tree as he swung his axe?
– You will dialogue

How can you tell that an axe thrower loves his assistant?
– He misses her!

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