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Axe puns ๐Ÿช“ in 2023

It is not simple to understand what these lumberjacks are trying to say because they speak with a thick axe โ€“ cent.

I have got an axe to grind with you!

Do you hear about the lumberjack who loses his job today? His manager just gives him the axe!

I killed a dentist with an axe but only got charged with manslaughter.
– My lawyer said it was an axe-a-dental death.

Just tried to kill a roach with axe body spray…
…now his name is Brett and he won’t shut up about cross-fit.

The axe says to the wood โ€œI need to axe you a questionโ€. The wood then replies to the axe โ€œWood you cut it out?

I made a bad joke about an axe. No one laughed.
– It wasnโ€™t very cleaver.

A viking adds symbols to an axe he has just made …
– ” Oh no iv runed it”

I’m addicted to buying hatchets from other countries because of the smell.
– I just love Foreign Axe Scents

– **Taken from Axe Junkies facebook group I’m in.

What deodorant do miners pick?
– They pick Axe

You should be very careful what you axe for this Christmas because you might just get it!

I made a bad joke about an axe. No one laughed.
– It wasn’t very cleaver.

The lumberjack’s axe broke
– He’s really stumped now.

I accidentally sprayed deodorant in my mouth…
and now I talk with a strange Axe scent.

Do you know why three-dimensional items or tools are so good at chopping or cutting down trees? It is simply because they all have 3 axes.

Yesterday, I threw an axe at the car of my father and left a large dent in the door. Fortunately, he was not angry and said that โ€œDo not worry son, it was just an axe โ€“ dent!โ€

Can I axe you a question?

Did you hear about the lumberjack who uses reddit?
– The other day I heard he had an axe me anything.

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