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Sock puns 🧦 in 2023

Dad lost one of his socks at the laundry. He called it a foolish sockrifice.

Mistletoe is the body part that is most relevant for Christmas.

What did the socks say to the pants?
– Sup, britches?

I decided to wear wool socks for my exam, in case I got cold feet.

I can’t wear my favorite golf socks, I got a hole in one.

I will wear five pairs of socks to my wedding in case I get cold feet.

What did the hat say to the sock?
– I’ll go on ahead, you go on foot.

You can fit 12 inches in a sock. 12 inches equals one foot.

The sock said to the hat, “You can go on ahead, while I can go on foot”.

What do you call a sock design artist?
A Sock Drawer

My brother threw a sock at me. It hurt my sole.

The glove said to the sock “You look like you could use a hand”.

My sock has a hole in it. That’s how I got my feet into it.

Why did the pair of socks decide to break up?
– Because one of them always had to be right, and the other one left.

The retired employees of the sock company gets a lot of free sock options.

A guy with a rubber toe is named Roberto.

What is a pirate’s favorite kind of socks
– Arrrrrrrrgyle!

I felt terrible when I looked down and saw that one of my lucky pair of socks has another rip on it. The sock was on its last leg.

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