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Fire puns ๐Ÿ”ฅ in 2022

It’s as coal as ice.

ย That kid’s a bright spark!

My favourite book is Where The Wildfires Are, I could read it all day.

Be careful not to catch a coal.

He had to get all fired up before carrying out the gunpowder plot.

Did you hear the was a fire at a used furniture store and two people died next door?
– It was due the second hand smoke

ย I have a burning question.

Get to the back of the barbe-queue.

Itโ€™s lit.

What do you call a child on fire at a steakhouse?
-Flaming young

ย How ironic! I got fired as a firefighter.

A prehistoric pyrotechnic is called a dino-myte.

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