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Rabbit puns in 2024

Amelia Earhare

An Easter bunny got eggs-austed after he completed his rounds on Easter.

Having a bunny day is what keeps us going.

Mike Pounce


A couple bought their rabbit a fancy hut,
– but he did not seem to carrot all.

The rabbit and the tortoise were having a very close race
– but the rabbit won by a hare’s difference.

Let us hop just like rabbits in love.

Greta Bunberg


The Easter bunny cracked a pun at school, so he was egg-spelled.

A rabbit was asked about his strengths in an interview,
– so he answered that he is very hop-timistic.

Balanced love is a box of candies in one hand and a bunny in the other.

Creature of Rabbit

Cubby Bunny

The Easter bunny was more popular than the regular bunnies at the farm;
– you can say he was the egghead.

If you cannot crack bunny puns, we are not alike.


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