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Rabbit puns in 2024

Amelia Earhare

The Easter bunny was egg-cited as he proposed to his partner, saying, “We make an egg-cellent couple.”

Here is to a hoppy spring, the most beautiful time to be a bunny.

Prince Harey


My aunt was perplexed by the difference in our rabbits’ behavior.
– After some time, we found out that mine was a fit bunny, and hers was a bit funny!

When a rabbit and a spider were crossed, a hare net was found.

Sometimes, the tiniest things occupy big places of your heart, just like my bunny.

Hareiet Thumpman

Da Bao (means “big bun” in Chinese)

Hair Force Bun

The bunny hopped out of joy as the Easter parade was eggs-cellent.

A sad rabbit went to his friend’s house, who told him to be ho-ppy and not sad.

Bunny kisses, Easter wishes.

Hareshey’s Chocolate

The two bunnies who got married are planning to go out for a bunny-moon.

The easter bunnies wanted a new job to get more celery

It is good to feel ear-resistible sometimes.

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