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Music puns ๐ŸŽต in 2021

A group of bunny rabbits decided to form a musical band that would only play the genre of hip-hop.

I thought I heard Tubular Bells on my farm last Christmas, but it was just my cold field.

My friend, the buttermilk, is the only one of us who goes to the opera every weekend.
– That’s because he’s the only one who’s cultured

To understand the future of music, one needs to go Bach in time.

My brother wants to become a professional opera singer.
-Opera singing is his aria of interest.

Handel couldn’t buy his favorite pair of trousers because he had gone Baroque.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in a movie about classical music coosers.
-He’ll be Bach!

The programmer had a really hard time understanding the music at the party.
-He didn’t understand the algo-rhythm.

Avocados love to listen to Guac and Roll.

Never wear a headband as they make music on your head!

Walked into a music shop and the manager said, โ€œGood morningโ€. I said โ€œYou tooโ€.
-He said, โ€œSecond aisle on the leftโ€.

The opera singer loved to go sailing in her free time.
– She really hoped to catch the high C’s.

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