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Music puns ๐ŸŽต in 2022

I could hear the sound of classical music coming from my office.
– I think the printer is jamming again.

If you get the tenor of it and can Handel it, youโ€™ll soon be making your own Liszt of musical puns, and thereโ€™s no Glass ceiling with it.

If I was on a desert island, the record that I would most like to have is for long distance swimming.

I went to see The Clash but there was another band on at the same time.

The Olympic runner can’t play music in her free time anymore.
-She broke her record yesterday.

I found myself in Gerry Raffertyโ€™s Ladies Boutique the other day.
-Gowns to the left of me, chokers to the rightโ€ฆ

One of the greatest four-member rock groups that got famous without playing any music is Mount Rushmore.

A musician loved to spend all of his time doing dangerous stunts.
-He wasn’t doing them to impress anyone, he just liked the trill.

The rock musician placed his guitar in the fridge because he wanted to only play cool music.

The only way to make a bandstand is by taking away their seats.

The pianist was constantly hitting his head on the piano keys.
– When the conductor asked him what he was doing, he said “I was just playing by the ear sir”.

I bought a rocking chair.
-It keeps playing Black Sabbath.

How do you work out how heavy a chilli pepper is?
-Give it a weigh, give it a weigh, give it a weigh now.

Balloons hate going to Lady Gaga concerts.
-They’re really scared of pop music.

Nobody was allowed to touch the professor’s freshly printed notes.
– They were too hot to Handel.

ย The only way to keep your music notes safe on a flight is to put them in a flute case.

Balloons are absolutely terrified of listening to a band that plays pop music.

When I tried to sign up my sister, a musician, for fashion etiquette classes, she politely refused.
-Apparently, it’s not her aria of expertise.

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