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Music puns in 2024

My brother wants to become a professional opera singer.
-Opera singing is his aria of interest.

The rabbit’s favorite genre of music is hip hop.

I heard you lost your classical music CD.
– But don’t worry, I’ve got your Bach!

How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?
-Wi Jammin’…

One of my kitchen utensils seems to be playing classical music.
– Think it’s the Chopin board.

You’ll generally find that most musicians tend to be optimists.
-They are always upbeat.

A musician was celebrating his 30th year at an opera house.
-His boss told him that he was going to get tenor soon.

Cucumbers love to play the pickle-o.

 Tortilla chips enjoy band music the most when they are put on salsa.

Rock bands generally don’t take in children who have just moved into the musical neighborhood.
-It’s hard to trust any new kids on the rock.

I couldn’t make my pirate friend listen to my music playlist.
-He only listens to Rock n Row.

All snakes are born to be musicians because they always carry their best scales.

I don’t think wind turbines like classical music.
– They’re big metal fans, though!

I’ve written a song about tortilla.
-It’s more of a rap.

The Jam and Cream were both going to reform to play a series of gigs in Devon & Cornwall, but they couldn’t agree who would go on first

The electric guitar took his students to a live performance.
– When the guitar player played the highest note, he said, “Note that down”.

Everyone was really annoyed with the female lead of the musical because she was throwing tantrums all the time.
– “What a diva”, they said.

I used to make puns about music in convents but then I got out of the habit. 

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