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Toe puns 👣 in 2023

Toes love to snack, their favorite snack without a doubt are toerittos.

It can be hard to referee an argument between your feet. No matter how hard they try, they can’t both be right.

The best way to keep yourself alert at all times is to join ballet because it is the only sport that keeps you on your toes throughout.

What is the special food that the Italian man with the weird toes makes?
– He makes amazing toe-rtellinis!

My vegetarian friend hurt her foot playing sport, I took her for some toe-fu to cheer her up!

The villainous toe had a pet bird of prey which he used as a weapon against other toes. It was his Toe-ma-hawk.

How do feet store their memories in life?
– They take a lot of pho-toes.

I didn’t think I’d like my orthopedic new shoes, but now I stand corrected

When toes went to Japan, visiting Toe-kyo was at the top of their list!

If you injure your toe, remember to call a toe truck instead of an ambulance!

The baby lost the toe-sucking competition, he tasted defeat and nothing else.

My mate lost his toes in a baking accident
– Now he lactose

The poet of our town had really long feet and toes. He was such a Longfellow!

I wanted to propose romantically to my partner, barefooted in the snow. I didn’t do it in the end; I got cold feet.

My friend said he could make some of the best toe jokes; I looked at him and said they were toe-tally bad.

My boss is so mean. I feel like I am always tip toe-ing around him.

When all my friends started to talk about their toenails, I politely asked them to change the toe-pic!

If I were able to shoot rockets from my feet, I would call them missle toes!

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