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Toe puns 👣 in 2022

Toes love all Pokemon, but their favorite is definitely Toe-gepi.

I stubbed my toe on solid gold. “Au Au Au” I cried out in pain!

My new shoes are toe-tally toe-riffic.

My toes are poets and they know it. They’re Longfellows.

When the toes fell out of love, they said, “At least we had a lot of fun-gus between us”.

When the man went to the hospital for a hangnail, the doctor looked at the assistant and said, “Medication won’t help, just call a toe truck. Immediately”.

My insurance company paid for my Range Rover to be towed. When I told this to my father, he asked, “Why are they paying for your big toe?” and we couldn’t stop laughing!

What did the cell say when his sister stepped on his foot?
– Mitosis !!!

A dinosaur with a sore toe and foot, should be called an Anklyo-sore-us.

On a different topic my food is toe-riffic.

My younger sister thought her TGIF shoes were an instruction manual that told her that the Toes Get In First.

What is the best place for two feet to kiss during Christmas?
– Under the mistle-toe.

The amateur toe played football against a professional and exclaimed “Help, I am toe-tally out of my league!”

A kangaroo stubbed his toe and was really angry about it, he was hopping like mad.

A friend told me that he stays alert because of his ballet classes. They keep him on his toes.

Welp I think I am just toe-ing you around now so I will make my way out.

A breakfast table with a jug of milk on it is a fascinating thing. It has four legs and lacks toes.

The girl cell stepped on her brother’s feet by accident. “Ouch, my toe sis!” he cried out in pain!

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