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Toe puns in 2024

The poet of our town had really long feet and toes. He was such a Longfellow!

I wanted to propose romantically to my partner, barefooted in the snow. I didn’t do it in the end; I got cold feet.

My friend said he could make some of the best toe jokes; I looked at him and said they were toe-tally bad.

My boss is so mean. I feel like I am always tip toe-ing around him.

When all my friends started to talk about their toenails, I politely asked them to change the toe-pic!

If I were able to shoot rockets from my feet, I would call them missle toes!

The waiter dropped our meal and ended up stamping on it in frustration. Whilst the food wasn’t great, it was still a toe-riffic meal experience!

Why did the toe stop driving the toe truck?
– Because there was toe-rrential rain!

You know that feeling when you have been sitting on your feet and they go to sleep?
– This is known as coma-toes.

My cousin got tattoos on all her toes. When we asked what they meant she said, “They are my new tat-toes!”

Mr. Frequency always stubs his toe on the furniture. Every time he does so he reacts by saying, “Ouch, that Hertz.”

If there was a documentary on weird toes all around the world, we could call the show ‘The Toe-Files’.

My friend stubs his toe.. “I’ll call a toe truck.

The mad man tip-toed around the medical facility. When asked why he said, “I don’t want to wake up the sleeping pills.”

When the man hurt his feet while driving, a passerby offered to help him by calling a toe truck.

I am an artist, and I have been struggling to draw a really good picture of feet. Well, the other day I toe-tally nailed it.

My mother locked the refrigerator and kept the key hooked on her toe. When I asked her why she said she was trying ‘keytoe’ diet.

What do you call a cow with no toes
– Lac-toes intolerant

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