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Fox puns ๐ŸฆŠ in 2022

We had a tail of a time.

I’ve left you a voice-tail message.

Where did the fox go to buy a new tail?
– To the re-tail store.

Why was the fox sick?
– Because it wasn’t producing enough fur-maldehyde.

What was the young fox’s favorite baseball team?
– The Chicago Cubs.

How did the fox throw the hunter off his trail?
– By out-foxing him!

What do you call it when a fox predicts the weather?
– A fur-cast!

Tell no tails.

Why was the fox taking a long time to choose his toy at the pet store?
– Because he was spoiled fur choice!

Why was the fox weak?
– Because his body didn’t produce enough fursphorus.

Why did the fox get stuck in the past?
– Because he was a 20th Century Fox!

What did the fox call the massive stack of pizzas?
– A tail order!

Jack in the fox.

Why was the artist taking a long time drawing a fox?
– Because he paid too much attention to de-tail.

Why did the fox break his phone after his team lost?
– He did it in a fit of fur-y!

Why was the fox’s company shut down?
– Because it was a complete furce!

Why was the zoo employee afraid of the fox?
– Because he knew it was a fur-ce to be reckoned with!

Where do vixens keep their cash?
– In their furse!

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