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Fox puns ๐ŸฆŠ in 2021

Who let the fox out?

Why was the fox stuck in the past?
– Because it was a 20th-century fox!

Why did the fox enroll in college after completing school?
– Because he wanted to fur-ther his studies.

Why was the fox arrested?
– Because he had furderal charges against him.

What does the Doctor Who fox use to travel?
– His police fox!

What did the fox buy to decorate her house?
– Fur-niture!

Tails of the unexpected.

What do you do if you find an injured fox?
– Give it furs-taid.

What did the grape do when the fox stepped on it?
– It just let out a small vine.

What was the fox cub’s favorite Pokemon?
– Furfetch’d!

Where do foxes buy their tails?
– At re-tail stores!

What do you call a fox that needs glasses?
– Fur-sighted!

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