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Fox puns ๐ŸฆŠ in 2023

We had a tail of a time.

Why were the foxes hunting rabbits?
– Because they were in the mood for fast food!

Where does a fox sleep during the winter?
– Near the fur-nace.

What do foxes do during their national holiday?
– They throw a furade.

When should you dance like a fox?
– When youโ€™re doing the fox trot!

What did the used coat sales fox say to the customer?
– See, itโ€™s none the worse fur wear!

Stand tail and keep your chin up.

Why did the fox stop speaking after spilling his secrets?
– He realised he had made a fox pas.

Why did the fox make a good detective?
– Because he was great at chasing tails!

Why was the mama fox worried about her cub getting lost?
– Because it was a cause fur concern!

Why were the fox soldiers excited to see their commander after such a long absence?
– Because he was a sight fur sore eyes!

What happened to the mama fox who found out that her cub had been skipping school?
– She became in-fur-iated!

That ship has tailed.

What did the fox name his mystery novel?
– Tails Of The Unexpected.

What is a fox’s favorite pasta?
– Furfalle.

What did the fox use to send his package?
– Furderal Express.

How did the fox know where he was going?
– Because he saw the tell-tail signs!

Put it in the safety deposit fox.

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