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Butt puns 🍑 in 2022

So scientists finally discovered a fossilised dinosaur butt. For it to survive intact all that time…
– It must have been a megasaurus.

If you slap Dwayne Johnson’s butt…
– You officially hit rock bottom.

I want to become a majestic dancer who will make you and your booty to be crazier than ever.

I think my butt is broken, but the doctor says that there is always a crack in every butt.

Let me call the stars beneath the butt of moonlight so they can tell you how much I liked you.

The toilet paper is rolling down the hill because it wants to hit the bottom as soon as possible.

I hope I could resist but my buttocks urge me to man out and to take you to the dance floor.

If you have trouble believing someone is telling the truth or not; ask them if they like big butts
– For they cannot lie

I used to think diabetes was a pain in the butt
– But it turns out to be more of a pain the the fingers.

If the guy’s a cutie, you’ve gotta tap that booty

Butt jokes are allowed because they are just quite holesome to me.

In a therapy session, a butt says “I sometimes feel like I am full of nothing butt crap.”

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