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Butt puns 🍑 in 2023

I used to think diabetes was a pain in the butt
– But it turns out to be more of a pain the the fingers.

I accidentally butt dialed my ex last night.
– I swear it’s the only booty call I’ve ever made.

Behind every great woman is probably a man who checks out her ass.

Can I take the hand and dance with this booty-ful lady with the astonishing smile for tonight?

Each morning, I always kiss my wife before going to work and say “I hope your day is as good as your butt.”

We should go and built our own paradise where we can shake our booty all through the night.

That butt song you sang really stinks, no offense.

My friend got burned on his face and needed a skin graft, so I gave him from skin tissue from my butt.
– A cheek for a cheek as I always say!

The teacher asks her students why they lie in the doorway of the classroom only with their top half. The students answer “Because you say “No butts!””

Soon you can find a lover who will be yours and will stick with you forever like a pair of the butt.

A group of butts is walking. The smallest struggles to keep up.
– “Sorry, I’m a little behind.”

When one of your buttocks is smaller than the other, it is called assymmetrical.

We can hope for other chances to show our wonderful and crazy booty dance at a cool party.

The ice cream says to his best friend popsicle “Perhaps more people might like you if you would relax and stop acting as you had a giant stick up your butt.”

Wanna throw some pick-up lines to your wife? We have some interesting rear-end puns and big bum jokes that you might want to share with your woman for some giggles.

How do Australians clean their butts?
– Bidet, mate.

The butt gets a slap because it is so cheeky.

Can you feel the blaring music calling your body and your grandiose booty to dance tonight?

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