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Butt puns 🍑 in 2023

I used to think diabetes was a pain in the butt
– But it turns out to be more of a pain the the fingers.

I’m thinking about becoming a proctologist who offers advice regarding people’s butts.
– Anything I can rectum mend?

In the bus station, a man looks at the butt of a girl and ask “Where will this butt go anyway?”

We can fight in our own butt-les while we finally achieved the victory with all our might.

The reason why ducks have feathers is that they would cover the butt quacks with them.

She had a big ole booty, I was doing my duty.

My butt nerves don’t seem to be strong anymore and I am dead ass serious about this.

A butt expresses her feelings with her crush “I just want to ass if you would like to go out with me tonight.”

In the other dimension, we can shake our booty just like how we want to dismiss our troubles.

Please do not throw cigarette butts in the urinals
– It makes them soggy and hard to light

A boss is just like a baby diaper that is always on your butt and filled with poop.

You are the most booty-ful and the grandiose lady that ever walked here in this gloomy world.

Yesterday, somebody butt-dialed me again. It seems like that only assholes want to talk to me.

I am amazed how the booty of the tiny fireflies shines along with your sweet gorgeous smiles.

The new butt plug was worried about the old butt plug because it has seen some shit.

Something on the lines of I’ve got more booty than a pirate .

The United States is a violent country as it has a lot of weapons for ass destruction.

I want to dance with you underneath the midnight sky where the moon shines its own booty.

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