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Butt puns 🍑 in 2022

Yesterday, somebody butt-dialed me again. It seems like that only assholes want to talk to me.

I am amazed how the booty of the tiny fireflies shines along with your sweet gorgeous smiles.

The new butt plug was worried about the old butt plug because it has seen some shit.

Something on the lines of I’ve got more booty than a pirate .

The United States is a violent country as it has a lot of weapons for ass destruction.

I want to dance with you underneath the midnight sky where the moon shines its own booty.

They tried to give my cat an award for his butt
– It was a catasstrophy.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. I like your butt. Let me touch it forever.

I want to serenade for this charming lady with the most beautiful smile and a pair of buttocks.

When the dishwasher stops running, you just need to slap in its ass and get back to work.

I think we might watch another cute animated movie for tonight, like the booty and beast?

You don’t want to swipe your debit card through the butt crack. You may get a message of ‘transaction denied, insufficient buns.’

If you slap Dwayne Johnsons butt
– You officially hit rock bottom

When I was a child, my mom always tried to teach me that you are butt you eat

We can go into paradise where the sunshine strikes our virtuous smiles and shiny buttocks.

My butt is tired, today…
– Dead ass

You should never trust any women who come to you with a smile and a big butt.

I love how your pretty dress complements your gorgeous smile and the outline of your back.

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