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Bunny puns in 2024

Can anybody find me some-bunny to love?

Hoppy Endings.

“Okay, I lost. No need to rabbit in!”

Whipping my hare back and forth.

I bought a bunny because everyone needs a friend who is all ears.

 “I’ve never met herbivore.”

A hare dryer!

Some bunny loves you very much.

Hoppy holidays

We found eggs in a hopeless place.

I had a lot of hare pins!

“Can I burrow some money?”

I carrot wait to see the Easter bunny

I used to own a rabbit, but now he’s just some bunny that I used to know.

“I’m so angora at you!”

Hopscotch is rabbit’s favourite game.

I carrot believe it’s Easter.

Bunny Builder.

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