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Valentines day puns ๐Ÿ’ in 2022

ย I love my gym partner so much that whenever he cannot make it to our workouts, life means squat.

When bunnies complement each other, they say, “No bunny would ever come close to your beauty, dear.”

ย I like you so much, I wanna give you a hedgehug.

Please be mine and be my butter half.

You make my heart erupt like volcanos
– I lava you so much.

When bears confess, they say “If you love me back, I will bear my soul to tell you.”

Penguin lovers say to each other, “We are a great catch.”

When the two magnets met, it was an attraction like no other.

ย When squirrels propose, they say “I am going nuts about you.”

When the food lover’s wife said yes to his proposal, he assured her, “I will always love you and do anything to not let you slip through my Butter Fingers.”

If you want to propose to your body-builder partner, say, “I adore you whey too much.”

I’ll owl-ways cherish your love to the end of time.

When fishes want love, they say, “Let’s cuttle.”

Your love is like electric because you charge my particles.

Dog lovers lovingly say, “I like you furry much.”

You make my heart go baboon!

You are shrimply the sweetest and I love you.

When you give a valentine’s gift to your bird crush, just say, “Here is a toucan of my affections for you.”

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