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Valentines day puns ๐Ÿ’ in 2023

The police fell in love with his wife and told her, “Your beauty is arresting.”

I am o-fish-ally madly in love with you.

ย I cannot bear to live a day without you.

ย In our game, you are my Player 2.

When pig lovers miss each other, they say, “I am missing you pig time.”

If your candy wife is mad at you, send her hugs and Hershey kisses.

After I fell in love with my gym partner, the relationship worked out great.

I’d be lion when I say you’re just a friend.

You are my everything and that is all rhino.

Donut leave me ever.

ย You make my love multiply.

Bears are so lovable; they say, “I love you beary much.”

Whale you be my valentine?

Aorta tell you how much I adore you from the bottom of my heart.

I am otterly wasted without you.

The candy bar told his wife, “Your eyes shine brighter than the stars in the Milky Way.”

If Valentine’s Day was celebrated in winter, you could get s-mitten with your one true g-love.

When otters confess, they say, “Will you please be my significant otter?”

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