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Valentines day puns ๐Ÿ’ in 2023

People complimented the dress fabric I wore on Valentine’s day.
– It was made out of husband material.

Chipmunks choose their mates by saying, “I chews you.”

Don’t go bacon my heart.

When you have a crush on a watch lover, tell them, “I like you, big time!”

You’re my porpoise.
– I dolphinately love you infinitely.

“I love you, a sloth!”, is a great way to confess to someone who is lazy.

When a Jedi proposes to their lover, they say, “Yoda only one for me.”

I just otter say that I like you furry much.

ย To complement your candy crush, just say, “You are so cool, you Pop Rock!”

If you want to propose to a shoe lover, just say, “You are my sole mate.”

ย I love you because you are pawsome.

And then I saw your face; now I am a beaver”; is a beaver’s favorite love lyrics.

Lettuce celebrate Valentine’s day!

The police fell in love with his wife and told her, “Your beauty is arresting.”

I am o-fish-ally madly in love with you.

ย I cannot bear to live a day without you.

ย In our game, you are my Player 2.

When pig lovers miss each other, they say, “I am missing you pig time.”

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