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Valentines day puns in 2024

Snail lovers send their lovers slugs and kisses.

Crustaceans propose by saying, “You are one in a krillion.”

 There is so mushroom in my heart, and all of it is for you.

 If you want to confess to someone who designs ships, “I sink I love you.”

When bees complement their bee wives, they say “Oh my goodness, you are un-bee-lievably amazing.”

When skunks propose, they say, “I love you so stinking much.”

 I would love to Slytherin your heart.

 Whale lovers love listening to the love song, “And I whale always love you.”

To confess to a chocolate lover, just say, “I have more than a million Reese-ons why I adore you.”

The rat lover complimented his wife on date night, “You look very mice!”

A koala’s favorite love song lyrics are, “Koala me, loves Ko-all-a you.”

To propose to a veggie lover, just say, “You are my heart beet.”

To propose to a Shakespeare lover, tell them, “I love you beyond ‘Measure for Measure’.”

You are a tweetheart.

Pig lovers compliment their lovers by saying, “You make me squeal.”

I am add-icted to you because you are the solution to my problems.

You are turtle-ly awesome.

 When the chocolate boy fell in love, he told his crush, “I think there is something be-Twix-t us.”

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