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Bean puns in 2024

When the two beans met on the street, one of them asked the other, “how’ve ya bean?”

The religious bean is observing lent-il.

What do you call executive peas?
– VI-Peas.

Soy what you want, tofu puns are the best.

Most bean varieties grow in gardens except jelly beans.

Beans love William Shakespeare, especially the tragedy Hamlet with the famous phrase: “To bean, or not to bean”

Did you like the movie, Pirates of the Carib-bean?

You are a great human bean.

A bean stalked his friend’s crush on social media to get some information.

Since the year begun, I have bean thinking on different ways of improving my communication skills.

You are my favorite human bean.

What’s an alternate ending to the famous fairy tale?
– Jack and the beans talk.

You bean the world to me.

Plant a kiss on me.

When the question and answer session began, the bean on the right was too baked to respond.

If you’ve pea’d on the floor, don’t worry. We’ve all bean there.

What did the cup say to the coffee?
– Where have you bean all my life?

Never soy never.

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