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Bean puns in 2024

Beans are healthy and a good substitute for meat and animal protein.
However, string beans will tie your stomach in knots.

I’ve bean thinking about you.

I like you a latte.

Cool beans!

Sweet dreams dear!

In the vegetation race, the runner bean took the lead from the start while the lettuce pead on the cabbage.

What do you call an athletic bean?
– A runner bean.

Do you think I’m funny?
– I’ve bean practicing jokes all day!

I’m a little coffee (coughy)

Adriana Lima Bean

Beans are so romantic. During valentines, they keep their loved ones grounded and shower them with presents.

What do you call a pea that works in the circus?
– A tra-peas artist.

You’re brew-ti-ful.

You make me soy happy.

When planting green beans, ensure you have a nice pair of socks, preferably garden hose.

You and I are meant to “bean”.

Before you go, I would like to send you a whole latte love.

Where have you bean all my life?

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