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Bean puns in 2022

It is important that as the year ends, you look for someone who has bean the world to you and just give them a toast.

What do you call a group of trendy beans?
– Cool beans.

I can’t espresso how much you mean to me.

That large truck is bean-ormous!

Let me plant one on ya!

The can of Irish beans I bought only has 239 beans.
They say one more would be too farty.

You and I are meant to bean.

Why do peas dislike noisy eaters?
– Because they want peas and quiet.

What did you just soy?

What did the bean said to another bean?
– How’ve ya bean?

When the barrister came, he told the overly excited coffee beans, “can everyone kettle down please.”

What do you call executive peas?
– VI-Peas.

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