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Fish puns in 2024

Crayfish were offended by the publication of Eat Cray Love because they felt the lack of punctuation might send the wrong message.

What party game do fish like to play?
– Salmon Says.

Why do fish always lose their court cases?
– They are always gill-ty.

 Paci-fish-ts don’t believe in the notion of man o’ war.

I wouldn’t be cod dead in that

Why are fish great coders?
– They know how to trawl through the data.

What side of the fish contains the most scales?
– The outside.

That fish is rich and famous, but she’s still Jenny from the had-dock.

What is the difference between a fish and a piano? You might tune a piano, but you can never tuna fish.

What is the best name for a fish?
– Bob.

What did you think of the series fin-ale?
– Well, it wasn’t the bass-ed.

What is a dolphin’s favorite TV show?
– Whale of fortune.

Cod this be any punnier?

Cod I borrow something from you?

Did you hear about the fight in that restaurant?
– Four fish were battered.

What did the fish say when everyone left his party?
– Tanks for coming.

The thing about calamari is you can never tell when it’s just squidding.

What do you call it when a fish has no eye?
– A fsh.

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