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Fish puns in 2024

What party game do fish like to play?
– Salmon Says.

Crayfish were offended by the publication of Eat Cray Love because they felt the lack of punctuation might send the wrong message.

Why do fish always lose their court cases?
– They are always gill-ty.

Lobsters would get along a lot better with the other shellfish if they weren’t always trying to lobster things up.

Why don’t fish go into business together?
– They are always sole traders.

What is the fish’s favorite sitcom?
– Tuna Half Men.

Tuna in next time for the funniest animal memes.

What a fish-ous rumor

When I grow up, I want to a bass-tro-physicist.

Have you heard about the Sauna that serves food?
– Their specialty is steamed mussels.

What do you say to a fisherman on his birthday?
– Hope you have a reely good day!

It’s funny how fish never seem to know what you’re talking aboat.

What makes fish terrible journalists?
– They always spread hake news.

What do you call a fish that can give you a face-lift? A plastic sturgeon.

 Oh, for heavens hake!

Fish better have my money!

What fish goes up the river at 100 mph? A motor pike.

 You can’t expect a squid to answer a tough question without inking about it first.

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