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Shark puns ๐Ÿฆˆ in 2022

what’s a shark’s fav bible story ? Noah’s shark.

You’re skating on fin ice.

what did the shark get when he traveled to arctic ocean ? frostbite.

i would do any-fin for you.

Come to the shark side.

What happened when shark got famous ? He bacme a starfish

i got No-fin to do.

whats shark fav meal ? Fish and ships

how does a shark express diaappointment ? Jaw,man!

what happened to shark who swallowed a bunch of keys ? it got

I fink we should stop.

what did the shark plead in court ? Gill-ty

some-fin is better than no-fin.

Stay jaws-itive

what do sharka order at mcdonalds ? A qaurter flounder

what did he shark say to the whale ? what are you blubbering about .

what are shark’s most fav words ? Man overboard .

sharks that steal always mako like a bandit.

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