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Shark puns ๐Ÿฆˆ in 2023

what’s a shark’s fav bible story ? Noah’s shark.

what’s a shark favourite card game ? Go fish.

Go ahead and mako my day

what do u get when u cross a snowman wih shark ? frost bite.

I was fissued a sign for parking without a ticket

what’s sharks favourite word to say in agreement ? DE-FIN-ITELY.

It was fin talking to you.

what’s a shark’s fav coffee shop ? Shark -bucks.

How does shark greet a fish ? pleased to eat you.

where do loneky sharks go to find companionship ? Sand bars .

There’s some-fin about the way he walks

Don’t de-bait me.You wont win this bait.

I just saw a huge killer fish singing and playing guitar in city centre i think it must
be a busking shark.

That was a snappy comeback.

what’s shark’s favourite song ? Don’t stop Be-reef-ing.

Her voice was so soo-fin

what did thr shark say when he bit the fishing line ? I am hooked.

who give sharks present on christmas? Santa Jaws !

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