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Nature puns ๐ŸŒณ in 2021

What is the richest kind of air?
– A millionaire!

Nature is so resourceful it can make dew with just water!

Where do you find forests without trees?
– On a map!

I have plant-y of time.

What kind of flower doesnโ€™t sleep at night?
– the Day-zzzz!

Why do gamers hate nature?
– Because it is full of bugs!

Youโ€™d better change your altitude.

Why was the tree arrested?
– For shopleafing!

What does the mountain say when heโ€™s feeling sick?
– Iโ€™m feeling hill!

What did the flower write in his Motherโ€™s Day card?
– Iโ€™m proud to be orchid!

What kind of shorts do clouds wear?
– Thunderwear!

Slow down, donโ€™t you Everest!

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