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Nature puns ๐ŸŒณ in 2023

When were rock puns the funniest?
– In the Stone Age!

What kind of shorts do clouds wear?
– Thunderwear!

Slow down, donโ€™t you Everest!

What type of tree fits in your hand?
– A palm tree!

I wood never leaf a hiker behind!

People using umbrellas always seem to be under the weather!

Want to hear the best rock puns?
– Give me a moment and Iโ€™ll dig something up!

How is a tree like a big dog?
– They both have a lot of bark!

Donโ€™t take me for plant-ed.

What kind of flower grows on your face?
– Tulips!

How can you tell that the ocean is friendly?
– It waves!

Make summit noise.

How do two rival forests get along?
– They sign a peace tree-ty!

Where do rocks like to sleep?
– In bedrocks!

What do you say when you want a flower to drive faster?
– Floret!

What did the limestone say to the geologist?
– Donโ€™t take me for granite!

We can do waterever you want!

How do trees get online?
– They log-in!

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