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Berry puns 🍓 in 2023

What’s a scarecrows favourite fruit?
– A straw-berry.

I don’t work on Sundaes…

What looks like half a berry?
– The other half.

Why are Blackberries never lonely?
– Because they hang around in bunches.

What is blue and goes up and down?
– A blueberry in an elevator!

The strawberry killed the cherry right before my berry eyes.

It happened right before my berry eyes.

I am so sure that scarecrow’s favorite fruit would be nothing else but straw-berries.

That’s my jam!

What’s red, made of strawberries, and sucks your blood?
– Jampire.

Which fruit loves going down slides?
– A ki-wheeeee.

Peach for the stars.

The tooth berry.

Left or ripe?

How do you call a magic berry?
– cherry Potter.

Did you hear about the news program dedicated to berries?
– It was a currant affairs program.

The grape thanked his parents for doing a grape job in raisin him.

That’s berr-ific!

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