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Seal puns in 2023

How do you close a letter under the sea?
– With a seal!

Seal you later!

What is a seals favorite subject?
– Art Art Art Art!!!

What sort of cinemas do seals go to?
– Dive ins.

Sea you later!

Why do seals carry fish in their mouth?
– Because they don’t have pockets.

What’s the difference between a seal and a sealion?
– An electron or two

If seals hated a kind of musical act, it would be Orca-stras.

Seal the deal.

What did the seal study in school?
– Art Art Art Art!!!

A seal goes into a bar and the bartender asked him,”What will it be Mr seal?”
– The seal responds,”anything but a Canadian Club”

Where do baby seals go for date night?
– To the club

Have fun in school, I’ll seal you later!

Navy Seals – Dark blue seals that guard America.

What animals are on legal documents?
– Seals!

Accidentally ran over a French seal today .
– Phoque .

What did the seal say to the sea turtle?
– Can you please scute?

That has got to be the seal-liest thing I’ve ever heard!

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