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Seal puns in 2021

It’s fun preparing for your party and I hope to have your seal of approval!

Seal puns are snow joking matter.

What do astronomer seals study?
– Seal-lestial bodies.

What do you call a handsome seal?
– Mr. Seal Yo Girl

It is important to practice seal-f care.

Got a problem?
– Seal with it…

I don’t do anything on stage that allows me to become a trained seal, where you’re just doing the same thing over and over.

Why do seals swim in salt water ?
– Because, pepper water makes them sneeze.

I don’t get why Clubbing Seals is so controversial?
– I mean, I’m kinda curious what sort of music they listen to?

Animal puns are the seal-liest!

Don’t be seally!

What did the baby seal say when it was late?
– “I would have been here sooner, but my iceberg hit a ship.”

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