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Gnome puns in 2023

If only I’d gnome.

Do you gnome who I am?

It’s a little gnome fact.

At one point, everyone feels fear of the un-gnome.

I received gnome gifts last Christmas.

Why are gnomes rubbish rappers? They have gnome rhyme and
gnome reason?

To the world, gnome news is good news.

I have a little problem with gnome puns.

I’ve just bought some more supplies, they had a great selection at
gnome depot.

I just want to go gnome.

Gnomes don’t say the sentence ‘What a small world’ whenever
they meet accidentally.

Good things come to gnomes who wait.

I used to be gnomad but I finally found a gnome here.

Gnome dreams are made of memes.

We learned about the Gno-man conquest in school today

Just make a decision, don’t tell me no more gnome less.

I have gnome oar energy to help you with this.

This is a gnome away from gnome.

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