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Garden puns in 2024

Soil of the century

Cleaning my cold frame is a pane in the glass.

Thistle be the best day ever.

The raisin wined about how he couldn’t achieve grapeness.

Our farm is haunted by chickens. You could say that we have a poultry-geist problem.

Your good seed for the day

I’ve started to plant my herbs in alphabetical order. People ask me how I find the time. I tell them “it’s next to the sage”.

Garden centers are attempting to stem a fall in the sale of fresh flowers.

Why do trees have so many friends?
– They branch out.

Sup succa.

Scarecrows are always out garden their patch.

Never a dill moment

What’s a gardener’s favourite Harrison Ford film?
– Raiders of the Lost Bark.

You’re unbeleafable.

What did one plant say to another?
– What’s ta-ma-ta?

Cactus makes perfect.

Trowel and error

Scarecrows are always garden their patch.

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