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Carrot puns ๐Ÿฅ• in 2021

The carrot has a football match tomorrow, everyone is rooting for it to win!

The world has really changed, people don’t seem to carrot all!

The scientific prove that carrots are good for your eyes came from the fact that rabbits do not wear glasses.

Can this really count as a cake when the main ingredients are cheese and carrots?

Walked in on my cousin pleasuring herself with a carrot today…
– I was mad because I had planned on eating that later, now itโ€™s just gonna taste like carrots..

The annoyed snowman said to the carrot, “just get out of my face!”

The only time a carrot wears a mask is when going to the mascarrot ball.

Keep calm and carrot on, son! You need to eat all of the soups before leaving for school

She asked her husband for an 18 carat necklace

If a carrot and a lettuce were in a race, who would win?
– The lettuce because it’s *a head*.

The bunny said to the carrot “It was nice gnawing you!”.

When the service was started to begin, the carrot priest stepped at the front and said, โ€œlettuce pray.โ€

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