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Baby puns ๐Ÿ‘ถ in 2021

The tech savvy baby told his mom that he has wet his diapers through pee-mail.

I tried to steal candy from a newborn baby, but he slapped my hand away.
– Turns out he wasnโ€™t born yesterday.

What did Baby corn say to Mama corn?
– โ€œWhere is Pop corn?โ€

Changing diapers is the hardest part about having kids.
– You canโ€™t half-ass it.

How did the baby tell her mom she had a wet diaper?
– She sent her a pee-mail.

How do you make a baby ghost laugh?
– You play peek-a-BOO.

Nobody laughed after I cracked a joke about pregnancy.
– I think it must have come out wrong.

Iโ€™m two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
– With any luck, right after she finishes college.

Did you hear what the couple who met while working at an instruction book company named their baby?
– Manuel.

When you secure your baby to a wooden car seat, it literally becomes a baby on board.

What do you call a baby potato?
– A small fry.

Whoโ€™s bigger? Mrs. Bigger, Mr. Bigger, or their baby?
– Their baby because heโ€™s a little Bigger.

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