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Minecraft puns ๐ŸงŸ in 2023

What did the minecraft villager say before he died?
– hmm

What is Steveโ€™s favorite curse word in the game?
– Steve is often found saying โ€œSon of a brick โ€œ

Why can you always spot Zombie Pigmen at Subway?
– They like to “Eat Flesh”

I decided to get Minecraft. I found a village and killed all the villagers.
– Then I opened the game.

Who has mind stone
– Minecraft Steve, because he has mined stone

What was Steveโ€™s reaction when all the work went into vain
– Steve said that he could feel his cart pounding

What did Steve say to the skeleton?
– “I’ve got a bone to pick with you!”

What do Minecraft fanboys have when they wake up?
– Bedrock

I’m on the Minecraft diet.
– Three square meals a day.

Why can’t you score against a basketball player who plays Minecraft?
– They are always blocking.

What genre would a Minecraft Movie be?
– A Block-buster

My first date told me to just be myself 100%
– So I went home and started playing some Minecraft

So Minecraft are adding mangroves to the game?
– Makes sense, they already added waterlogs.

How to characters in the game of Minecraft ask others to do as they are told?
– They say to do what they are told, Ore else.

Why does Stampy have a fence around his love garden?
– People are dying to get in!

Why was Minecraft the movie cancelled?
– Because all of the actors wore blockface.

What do you have to allocate in order to crash a Minecraft server on purpose?
– Premeditated Wam.

What did character say to himself when he lost the game?
– He asked himself โ€œseed what did he do there?โ€

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