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Minecraft puns ๐ŸงŸ in 2022

What did the minecraft villager say before he died?
– hmm

What was Steveโ€™s reaction after seeing the excellent stunt pulled out by Karen?
– Steve was amazed and told Karen he could lever pull that!!

What’s a witch’s favourite make-up?
– Ma-scare-a!

Communists don’t play Minecraft…..
……they play Ourcraft

Whatโ€™s the difference between Minecraft and Lovecraft?
– Apparently not much based on Notchโ€™s twitter

If Minecraft Villagers kept the name Testificates, what would the Illagers be called?
– TestifiHates.

How does a Minecraft addict player greet the other player?
– He greets them by asking โ€œCow you doing?โ€

Why was there iron and hold in the sailor’s boat?
– Because the sailor needed oars.

If someone made a sculpture in Minecraft of J-Lo.
– Would you name it Jenny from the Block?

MINECRAFT cringe joke
– so i found a game called Minecraft avocado version. I heard that game has big seeds

What is the most popular slang among the players of Minecraft?
– They say โ€œyou should make a fish and blow out the candles

[joke about Minecraft] Why canโ€™t the Ender Dragon read a book?
– Because she always starts at the End

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