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Minecraft puns ๐ŸงŸ in 2022

What did the minecraft villager say before he died?
– hmm

What do Minecraft players say to each other when they met in the winters?
– They said it is coal in here!

What time is it when ten ocelots chase a Creeper?
– Ten after one.

Some guy on a Minecraft server thought that I was a hermit
– How dare he make such baseless accusations.

What do you call Minecraft on Mute?
– Mimecraft

What do the players of Minecraft suggest the other player?
– They say to try, and Cactus frisbe

I hear Steve isn’t very good at thinking outside the box…

I made fun of the official Minecraft Twitter account
– So they blocked me

I ran out of torches while stripmining in Minecraft
– It’s a situation not to be made light of

What is a Creeper’s favourite food?
– Sssssalad.

Whatโ€™s the square root of Minecraft?
– Thereโ€™s three, actually. The potatoes, the carrots, and the beetroots.

What was Jeffrey Epstein’s Minecraft Server called?
– Miner’s Welcome.

For people that don’t like Minecraft, it’s all about
– Thinking Outside the Blocks…

What did the exhausted Steve gets to listen from Killer klown ?
– Killer klown says โ€œyou have made this bed for your self and now you have to sheep in it !โ€

Why can’t the Ender Dragon read a book?
– Because he always starts at the end…

Why was minecraft steve chosen to be added to super smash bros?
– Sakurai heard that smash players were attracted to miners

Don’t try to eat the chickens in Minecraft.
– They’re too gamey.

What did the player of Minecraft say to the other player who arrived a bit late to join?
– The Player said โ€œIt is boat time you got here !!โ€

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