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Minecraft puns in 2024

What did the minecraft villager say before he died?
– hmm

I’m excited for Minecraft’s caves&cliffs update
– But it will probably have its ups and downs.

Some guy on a Minecraft server thought that I was a hermit
– How dare he make such baseless accusations.

If Minecraft Villagers kept the name Testificates, what would the Illagers be called?
– TestifiHates.

What did Steve say to Karen Flippelli when he tried to get hold of Steve’s equipment for mining?
– Steve told Karen Flippelli that he can not torch it

How does Steve measure his boot size?
– In square feet.

I won a Minecraft game without cheating
– I did it fair and cube.

Why are there no cars in Minecraft?
– Because the streets are blocked off.

How do Minecraft players avoid getting sunburn?
– Sunblock.

I got Minecraft for my girlfriend
– Best trade I’ve ever made

Some people believe that the creator of Minecraft is Bill Gates.
– Well, he’s Notch.

What is Steve’s favorite curse word in the game?
– Steve is often found saying “Son of a brick “

Why can you always spot Zombie Pigmen at Subway?
– They like to “Eat Flesh”

I decided to get Minecraft. I found a village and killed all the villagers.
– Then I opened the game.

Who has mind stone
– Minecraft Steve, because he has mined stone

What was Steve’s reaction when all the work went into vain
– Steve said that he could feel his cart pounding

What did Steve say to the skeleton?
– “I’ve got a bone to pick with you!”

What do Minecraft fanboys have when they wake up?
– Bedrock

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