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Bro puns in 2021

A girl called me bro
– So I made her my step sister.

Theo visits his sister, a veterinarian…
– And being a good brother, he brought 2 cups of hot chocolate, her favorite drink. Angela, his sister thanks him, but marks her cup because after all these years she knows how forgetful he can be, and how he can mistake her cup for his.
– Sure enough, after chatting a bit, Theo reaches for a cu…

Tom Brolicchio

Al Brolson

William Jefferson Clinton

Apollo Brohno

Bro. Henry

Bill Brodley

Some say bros before hoes…
– While some say bros before hoes, and some say hoes before bros, I believe there should be a balance; a homie-hoe-stasis if you will.

– *this isn’t my joke but I was thinking of it today so I thought I’d share*

Hey man will you hand me that tri-fold informational packet?
– Bro sure

Broliver Cromwell

Brolden Caulfield

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